Would you like to monetize your reading habit?

Would you like to monetize your reading habit?

are you a bookworm?

Do you surround yourself with books all the time? Would you like to monetize your books on your shelf?

How can you make your bookshelves make money?

Can you do that? Even an introvert can make money online without worrying about showing your face.

You can earn money without showing your face?

Do you know that many people who didn’t show their faces on Youtube or other social media make money?

If not, you are making a terrific mistake.

You can make money if you follow these three steps:

1: Learn from the Books

2: Transform Data into Inspirational Information

3: Show your Work

Learn from the Books

Read any type of books from fiction to Biography and learn as much as you can. While reading those books take random notes like favourite uotes , the phrase or sentence that melts you, timeline of event, mindmaps and your creative form. Find the perfect way to express your voice.

Transform Data into Inspirational Information

Once you get the raw data that you took while reading the book and try to summarize it in a simple word. The most of the time you get more data and you dont knwo hoe to process with them. when you have more data what you need to do is to find where the voice is more audible like the scene of Augustus Waters dies in The fault in our stars. Do you know that scene?

Like that scene you need to find where the voice is felt stronger.

Sometimes the Self-Help Book Quote is felt stronger which is most intimidating make people to work. Use those data and transform them with other information

Show Your Work.

We would like you to follow two persons – One Gary Vee and Two – Austin Kleon. Both will teach you how to harness the power of social media. You can learn everything from those two guys and some youtube videos, udemy Courses.

You can start a YouTube channel, blog or even a social media page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Post valuable content for twice a day(minimal two is must)/



Grow & Monetise

At the end of month, you get 60 valuable content,

end of the six month, you get 360 valuable contents. these are enough to create a ebook and sell it for minimal amount and earn money from it.

This is a practical System that works amongst current-day social media influencers and bloggers.

Other ways to increase the monetization by

  • affiliate commissions
  • Book promotion

Books that we recommend

  1. Show your work by Austin Kleon
  2. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: How to tell your story in the noisy world – Gary Vee
  3. Crush it – Gary Vee

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