Why we hate life
Life is a miserable person who kills some one, loves some one, hugs someone.
And most of all, ife is the sadistical killer who make speople more time thing about it.

I hate life becaue it never cares for your dreams or anything else, it just tries to satisfy you. If you want more thing in life, you need to sacrifice many things.

But Sacrifices are made to become happier, life never lets you to have happiness. It makes you to suffer even more things.

And therecomes the new ways in the life to be happy.


This thing isn’t even real but people looks at this as precious. There is this thing called caste.

I dont know why i started to feel i am lonely and why there is so much pressure at me.

I cant even decide and walk on the path i choose. i too weak to bbear so much things. Things might get harder at the end of the day people will think that you are that things.

But who am i? I am no one. One good guy to enjoy life to the fullest.

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