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What I learned from Watching iPad Air 4 Unboxing videos on YouTube?

What I learned from Watching iPad Air 4 Unboxing videos on YouTube?

Most YouTubers who have iPad Air 4 falls into the below Four Categories(Based on my assumption).

  • Students bought on Student Discount
  • Gifted by family members as a Graduation Gift
  • Some are Famous YouTubers/Designers.
  • Members who have the Potential to buy an iPad Air 4.

In my assumption, buying an iPad Air 4 is a good choice than buying the lowest Priced Model iPad 8th Generation or High Priced Model iPad Pro >2nd Generation.

Who needs Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Lidar Scanner.

A person who needs to be Creative and who is an upcoming Profession person can use iPad Air 4 more than enough according to me. So you can get the iPad Air 4 which is selling like crazy.

And I must add that most iPad are bought or gifted the loved ones and some people are eager to buy them in the Student Edition, which makes the iPad Air 4 affordable to certain people in any geographical location.

Another thing about the buying point is that most of the people who bought any iPad models are like having a business or an online shop that pay money to them to meet their expenses or running an online store.

They are good men and I am astonished seeing them. Oh, this is the mistake I made, and I even keep on doing it. Not increasing my income stream, telling the same story again and again.

If I am more committed to doing something, I must do it. And the same applies to you too.

Build a small business or an online shop, this may pave the way to a good future.

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