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Two Product on Amazon Shocked TAMIL NADU Peoples – Villages Parithabangal

In the ancient period, Neem Branches are used for Brushing teeth and other purposes, nowadays people are selling them for Rupees.

I found this product on Amazon. See it in Neem Stick Branches.PIC+LINK

They cost around it like crazy. I didn’t get the idea. I must ask the seller How this product sells, whether they replace the product before it dry or they use any system to pour that.
See this is the link (Buy it and comment on your views) under your discretion

Another Product I saw buy crying and looking at the whole new craziest thing Now and I am making it trendy products that are actually terrible of buying.

See those Coconut Shells I have 4 in my home right now. After we made Coconut chutney we keep the shells, But we thought away those things But I need to wish the person who got the idea and complementations.

If you see the price of the shells in Rs,——-/- for shells and they are strange.
This is just a plain coconut shell. But I also found other coconut products which are attractive.
Like these coconut plates for snacks and coconut wine glasses.


Do you think these are stupid? But they are Beautiful if you serve your friends/relatives with them. The first question they ask when they touch the wooden plates or glasses. They are so light and strange to us, where it is made.
You say its just Coconut. and PIC+ LINk

They look weird, they made this from coconut and its pretty awesome.
You get proved ad your family might be treated you or a trendsetter.
Soon the whole neighborhood takes about your amazing home.
See this so you might get them one to someone.
Gift it to someone.

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