Thirty Three Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

          Hey Guys, This is a true confession. Being a government employee, I think I am different from everyone else. Because everyone strives for the next promotion or anything else, I am working for my freedom. And I am doing some more works for the government. I think I made the right decision in the wrong way. So what your next plan I ask myself?

The next important plan is finish all the pending works in the section and getting all signed without any pending works. And I am affirm myself that I am finishing all my section works,  and getting all signed perfectly without any pending. This is the affirmation I am making for myself.

Affirmations – Accio iPad Pro 12.9

Do you know what to do with this seat, I don’t know? How can I monetize those works? I am working like crazy for one year and getting only salary no other income. The mistake is this.

If I write 100 words a day, it turned out to be 1000 words in 10 days, 3000 words in a month and if I edit them. It turned out to be a short story book. All it takes a little bit of time.

Another is the marketplace creation, if I engaged with one Instagram page for the next 30 days. The followers count will be increased. Do you know where I lack it.

Now I know why I can’t make money online. If I draw one character in a day and at the end of one month I can create my own character. And the characters count will be increased to many. I could make an amazing story with them. That too also lost.

If I read two pages a day, that will be 14 pages a week, 60 pages a month and if you convert the consumption content into a good quality form for other to use it. Then you will be rewarded.

Finding the need or opportunity is an easy way. But you need to be prepared in both ways- Skill+Mind= Money.

Always remember, where you get frustrated about something. There is always a way, that way requires creative forces to work on this way to find this solution to the problem.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

Freedom in utilising your time, you can do what you want to. If you think, you didn’t do the above tasks because of time or money. You must get it back by working for freedom.

Freedom = Time ————— (1) and

Time = Money    ————— (II)

Then Freedom = Money

Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The love in the heart will show the love in the work you do. The main problem in that loves a work which never comes at all cost. How to achieve great things is that everything starts at atomic size efforts. Most of the efforts start in the mind; rest is from the effort put by the consistency.

Finding something you can’t decide yourself. Do you know how it feels when you are sitting in a Cozy seat and writing a novel.

This feels amazing!!

And I will get it.

I am ENOUGH!!!!!!

What Financial Freedom means to you?

          Financial Freedom looks like a illusion to some people. But it opens numerous opportunities. Getting a steady paycheck which is limits your earning potential.

But when you shift your mindset from paycheck to different sources like ad income, subscription income, product sales commission, your life would change it to different way. This type of living is Financial Freedom.

When reading money making books by American millionaire’s and Billionaire’s, they mainly portrays the condition of America and everything else was based on America. THye wont apply to India. A country where purchasing power is low . But we can make this right.

We can write our own freedom ways.

About the Day:

Full day office. Waking early and completing my Journal, sales letter and other works like engaging with the audience is good. But do you know you can do anything else in this world. All it takes is the mindset.

Would these things make a different way.

Finishing office works is difficult of crazy. How can we change the whole system.

We can and we could change the system. All it takes the mind to create.

How can I create the world I want? Is it the writing, drawing or both will change my life and mould it into financial freedom.

So completing almost nearly some tasks.

Took more time. can we do certain things else. How could we assess the whole situation. I need to revise the habits.

Making them into a different way.

Oh this blog goes crazy.

coming home and usual works lik looking at the laptop is that happened. I am tied and cant write the journal.

But I also thought, this is also pending tasks.

I am financially free; but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



My Goal for 2020 be like this

32 Day of Financial Freedom

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