Thirty-Six Day of Financial Freedom

Fretting in the Holiday and thinking about the work to do to complete the pending works which is lasted a long time ago. And this things might hold up the new reporter in the whole dam.. Oh my god!!

I am blabbing!

If you know that there is a single thing in life which gives you satisfaction is money with freedom. Both can be attained with suitable hard work. Do you know that achieve freedom will automatically bring money in reward for the whole game?

Will this thing works all the way to a different actual process. The most important thing in life is freedom, Have you have it you have you. You have your presence in his world.  Working in a job will identify you as a worker not as a person.

If you ask what you do, my answer is I am Working for the Government.

When you have freedom, you could say I am me and love to work for my improvements.

Most people are afraid to think about freedom, but why you can’t just working for it. Because you always wanted it. The important part of living is doing everything which comes in your mind, not bad things only good things.

Today is the day of freedom, freedom takes mor thing in life, lie bring more freedom. Freedom brings time, time brings love, love brings happiness, happiness bring more happiness and joy.

Good job on working for freedom. You freedom will find you soon.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom starts with the word financial and combining it with freedom bring financial freedom, Financial combining them with Independence gives us financial independence. And when freedom combined with confidence gives financial confidence.

Financial word merges with love gives financial love. Financial with masturbation financial masturbation wherever you just put the financial word it still stands for the money or expense or investing and other terms related to money or their relations. This is true. Getting money alone didn’t give us the freedom to do anything else.

The main thing in freedom is time vale. The time value is how much you are spending on yourself in this world. If you want to calculate the time, decide your time yourself for a day. Then calculate for 5 working days increase it up to 5years end with 58 years/65 years your retirement age.

You don’t what freedom gives, it give you time to spend with your loved ones. And to chat with your missed ones. The whole game is different and the players of financial freedom will do certain things in a certain ways. They learn everything else and apply it to their life and make the world a different one.

Learning about freedom does matter, but it also about applying the concept and living by them. How can we do certain things in life? Life needs changes which brings new intervention or anything else.

What Financial Freedom means to you?

Financial Freedom is a different matter of life, or new breeds of human society who love to do work for themselves or can’t work under a boss. Leave this whole talk in a different way.

But I need to find this thing in life. But I hate discovering these things, Love for freedom and not working for someone or quitting the job that pays well, doing different things is still a dream for everyone. In that dream, I am a bigger part, when the whole world is working towards the.

I am going out of my mind, when the whole world looks at the new places, where we are loved to train people. When the world will think as a new different, aged things.

Financial Freedom comes to me, I order you to come to me soon. Mr.Mind, I order you to bring financial freedom In my life.

Today, I feel exhausted like a different human working in a different way. I am anger at myself and I clear about that I got ants in my laptop. But Later I cleaned and showing it for 2 hours in the SUN. I killed most of them, But got a lot of Ants I my table.

I cleaned and I looked all around the whole shop near my locality searching for Ant Killer and I can’t find them.

When the whole location is changed from one area to another area, your chances of getting a

nothing from everything can be popped inside of everything else.

Finally I am ending this blabbering in this area.

From this moment, I won’t live in reality, I will live in my mind and create the cycle of things that I want.

I commit myself I read 1 minute manifestation for today night at 9PM and visualize it for 1 minute.

Good and Prosperous Day.

Thirty-Six Day of Financial Freedom

About the Day:

I woke early and started my sale letter practice. If I write consistently for this, why can’t I consistently for my book or a new book or my new web novel or my new iPad Story.

This is awesome. All I need to do is to wake early; it will automatically done in the whole world.

Now I understand the benefits of waking early, it’s like living the whole world in a different way or the top 1% way.

Prioritise if something is important to you, set this task to no.1 task to do.

Always fix 3 important personal, 3 important professional/Business.

Or use the Eisenhower Matrix Method.

I am still learning this thing.

I finish the journal, start my office register works. And it gone like a different register one by one. They still need works to be done. Do know how does one thing that might hold up into a different theory.

Now I optimized my working procedure and another approach towards my office.

How to being productive in the whole place or keeping a certain works in a certain way. This can  be changed.

Then its good. I write two blogs today. Later, I try to finish blog of the day. I can’t control my sleep or my ants in the laptop. So finished everything after watching two episodes of Gransazers (Like a power ranger).

I am financially free; but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



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Thirty-Six Day of Financial Freedom

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