My Goal for 2020.

Thirty-seven  Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

I am back with full ethusiasm and planning for winning teh ipad pro 2020 or anyother super Gadget which looks like a difficult to buy. The decision i made is to win the whole situation of my self. I get these limitations because of my external surroundings.

Everything is possible until you decide. Even decision doesnt bring anything, only action brings the results we desired. Hardwork brings only half of the result, mindset brings the remaining results.

I am blogging for continuously, and this clears my mind. But sometime i need some books to overcome my indecision or inner doubts. The main fact now lies is the mindset, i need to work.

My Success rate,

Writing a sales- page daily

Gratitude journal

I need to incorporate the habit of daily saving and earning rates. The higher the earning, the money i can invest and improve myself. The most important thing is to improvise the whole mindset to a different level.

Thank you for the mindset.

If i can save 20 rupees daily, that would be 600 rupees at the end of the month and 7200 at end of the one year. If i increase it by 2 rupees monthly, it could reflect in a different way.

Will implement from today onward, straight to shooting.

Good luck!

Why you need Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom is not normal freedom its the most important one, Because it pumps someone’s heart or gives life to someone like me. If a person who desperately feel ill of going to a job or hate to work for someone else, you need to get it.

Freedom can be attained one self mastered himself at savings, expense, skill, investing and other basic trait to be a good guy.

Quitting a job for freedom is still a craziest decision among those people, But they dont calculate their working and everything else. How a person can change his life and everything else.

Will the whole world be different in a different situations, these blogs are written during the Corona Pandemic. i go to office nowadays, Feels like a different world,

One day, i quit everything and sleep on it.

Thirty-seven Day of Financial Freedom

What Financial Freedom means to you?

Living in the favourite city and doing the creative things which excited you daily and reminds you everytime that you are worthy for this life. You must accept the fact that you are reprogrammable for 100 time even 1000 times.

I love the process of creating wealth and it looks a game. You must play the game as you can play like this. The whole new audience can change the life into a different style. But at the end of the day, all will be summed into a word called mindset.

My mind is grateful now that it will change my life in a different ways.

Always love the inner process and doing certain things in life. But i loved to doing a different level play. I must accept that i can’t code or create something new in code.

But i can create something in my mind like a story, a game, a novel or a f$$$$ story. I am writer who writes for a day, Writing makes feel different.

But i love to create thing in a different field like creating a games which looks like crazy. And certain apps which brings value to human.

Also to do a different thingis the habit, The habit of writing daily in front of the computer or anything else.

You must write, write,write. Write a 1000 words daily, that will be 7000 a week and 30000 in a month. You will get a new books for another thing.

This will be great, how could such thing be done. and publish one mini story for a week. How to do it?

You need to figure it out. How can i get ideas. make a idea box. So you cant run out of idea and everything else.

Change the whole system in a different way.

Thirty-seven Day of Financial Freedom

About the Day:

And this day is tremendous, so a lot of energy. searching for the thing wwhich is called the ant killer will bring you relief from ants and save your laptop.

I love to write, don’t know why. but I finish the blogs for two days and suddenly got an idea of a new book called why you need to quit your job. A series of blog articles combined and they only show the WHY YOU NEED FINANCIAL FREEDOM?.

I like the idea, but i don’t know how it will be. I find this secret most of the rich people are rich by creating. If you look at what they create, they create books, business and other assets which bring love to them.

The whole new world is the start of this. You must write soemthing daily. if you keep everything in your mind, you can lose it in the long run.

Distract as much as yourself so you can get the focus, Go beyond your limitations. If you didnt finish the schedule, finish it and go to bed. even if it is 2AM or 3AM. If you do it, you will get financial freedom.

You can live your desired love life.

I am financially free; but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



This is cheating Brother. And this is my goal cheat him.

Thirty-Six Day of Financial Freedom

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