Thirty-One Day of Financial Freedom

Thirty One Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

Days move faster than we think. But on the TED Talks, it says if you do certain things regularly your days run faster than you think. It’s true and I experiencing this now. I don’t know how the 5 months in 2020, just ran like a crazy things.

I think it’s the lamest thing people do in their life. Waking, going to work, working in an office for a long time. Returning home, sleeping, and repeating this for another 30 years. Are you crazy? Is this living or just living for the sake of the world?

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Why you need Financial Freedom?

When everyone goes in one direction, you deserted to divert from them in another direction. Everyone works for money and what they can do with it, and only one person works for freedom.

He does it with only one thing in mind which is the soul for him. The happiness of getting a job is transformed into a fear of losing me in it. The fear of losing ourselves is a difficult point to accept it.

What Financial Freedom means to you?

Thirty-One Day of Financial Freedom

In a word, it tells me I can live by myself. The true one, not to live by other rules or anything else. Would that be great? Do you know how life is?

The working for money must be short and working for life is the beauty end of life. Shaping ourselves for it.

About the Day:

          Half Day office can be interesting, going to treasury and completing the work pending within 3 months. Small, Small accomplishments can add up into a massive success. But what I should know. As I am going to do is to do whatever I can in this world or this town. The 30 day test, trying new things every day.

Lying in the bed for a day.

Finding a cosy room in my little town on  my budget.

Create my new studio, buy new books, read more books and read , work and express them in a creative way. Like with zines, drawing, carousels or anything else.

This too!

Thirty-One Day of Financial Freedom

The Bucket list, doodle list, cooking list, eating list, buying list, working list, shooting list and everything else in this world. all this can take zero budget to accomplish it.

I am confident, strong and crazy boy.

Whatever happens, they all happened for a reason.

I am financially free;And I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

am i self-worthy to everything? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs and Pumping Heart.



Twenty Seventh Day

My goal for the year 2020 is this.

Strangest life blogger

Thirty-One Day of Financial Freedom

Do you know meme creators are earning 5K per month just sitting in the Home and posting on Instagram and Facebook?

Stay tuned.

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