How a man grow

Thirty-Nine Day of Financial Freedom

Thirty-Nine  Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

Oh Goodness, Love comes from randomness, Today i searched for the most important thing in this life. Which are the digital assets that we need to create? Creation is the most important skill or valuable skill in this world. I need to import things from my mind to paper or digitalize.

I need to do a certain creation in the lifeline things. The thing is you need to do a certain thing in a certain way to get done and get noticed by people. 

People always love to see beautiful things than they loved doing it. I m interested in checking my youtube watch hours only one Apple product and Apple iPad pro.

I am really addicted to these electronic gadgets which give me enormous possibilities to unlock my way to freedom., Before that, i need to self check myself and improve what i do for things like doing a ficking IQ thing.

How does one can improve their focus by playing games or puzzles? It’s all about doing or finding a way to make certain to do it in a different improved way. How do one people hold a wealth of 5 crores? And How one can improve his wealth thereby working hard and the smart way.

The Hard is the not easiest one but th smart look harder but it really the easiest one. When the demand rises, the improvement can increase it. Wealth first created in the mind and money is just a Tool. More important than money gives you is freedom.

 Whether KDP really works and i need to show my presence. I still remember the jersey girl, who asks about selling the book online and i am impressed by the answer by Gary Vee. and i do engage with my account for 20 days gained more followers. 

I must engage regularly with them and i posting regularly” I am Enough”. Bringing the page from one level to another level is the most important thing.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

When you work for money, you work like a crazy one and get nothing just a prink of salary. I am thinking about my future, will my future will be like that? How could we improve this situation and work for me in the long run? The whole gapped thing is a different way, which is fought inside the whole game.

While looking for inspiration we can put the inspiration as a  video. A game on inspirations from the science books, school books, your engineering books, and their concepts. How can you do certain things in a certain way?

The only way to improve yourself is by converting one form of information into another form. In this way, you can improvise the whole damn thing. I am finding an answer to all my problems, it came to me suddenly.

A man can grow in many ways like external, internal, habitual, personal, relationship, and many other areas. But the true form of development can be seen in his mannerism or manhood.

How could a man grow?

Manliness acting like a true man, A true man can be working as a different form of things. In a different way, people always wanted to grow. But they never track or note down things like they are growing like it or not.

What is truly growing and How it is measured which is the difficult way for growing?

  • Reducing bad habits or energy-sucking habits.
  • Cultivating good habits or energizing habits.

Common bad habits are Smoking, Drinking, Pornography, Overspending.

Good habits are Exercising, Reading, Journaling, Saving, Investing, and much more.

How can we measure it? 

What you did in a day reflects How you grow.

There is always 1% (One percent) better, which gives you the results you want. If you want to be 1% better in money, fitness, and the area you want to improve you need to focus there. By improvising the whole damn lovely things.

This is a small world, but you do great achievements in them. I f you want to pay the price. If you paid them, you will be where you want to be.

I am going to do this now.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?

Using your iPad pro on a lovely evening in the beaching, sketching the thought in your mind, or you are sitting in a restaurant(music in the background), sketching your new comic characters, writing storyline and seeing them in augmented reality and your favorite cold coffee by your side.

Yo! Boy. This is freedom.

The freedom in creating, combining, exploring, reflecting and loving. All it is summed in the word freedom. Your freedom is the costliest jewel or an important commodity. In other words, freedom is the indirect reflection of Time. 

 Now you are looking at your watch and you watch says the time. There is it one second gone. In the reading time, you lost another two seconds from your life.

I understand from the most successful person in the world is three things.

  1. Action
  2. Investing
  3. Implementing the above two with consistency and patience.

It’s all done. I want money to buy freedom, so i need to make and earn money. Not serving people in the world.

About the Day:

Full day office. I am working the whole life in a different way or things. Lovely things at my *** Job or Work. Working 9 hours and your works seemed to be completed. The important thing is twisty and most people loved on doing this.

When i complete this, lovely things take time, things will not change. I am enough.

Doing a limited work and working on the pending stuff, remained to be different. When these games gonna end, will this thing will break it into a different feel or different plane.

At, i just look at my laptop and thinking about the multiple ideas and not working on them. What i am visualizing is my balance shows the amount i need to quit my job. The whole way is different.

Hating the seat is the only thing i have now. I am going to design everything. I love to do it.

Can you see it, it is possible to buy a anything, all you need is the prepare your mind to receive it.

My iPad Pro is on my way, i am having an iPad Pro, My manifestations comes to me.

Thirty-Nine Day of Financial Freedom

iPad Pro 2020 is coming to me, will it come to me within June 30, 2020. can we see it??

Lets check them with LOA.

I am financially free, but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



My Goal for the year 2020 is this, and i will buy it for sure.

38 Day of Financial Freedom

Thirty-Nine Day of Financial Freedom

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