Thirty-Eight Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

Can you write 100 reasons why you need to buy an iPad Pro (4th Generation)(128GB)(WiFi)(12.9 inches)(Space Grey)(Pencil 2nd Gen)(Case cover)(paperlike)? If you write a minimum of 50+ valuable and fun activities that you do in your new iPad Pro.

Do you think you can’t buy an iPad Pro (2020), which is the latest iPad and most powerful of all of them? The ad of apple will make you open your mouth and the price which makes you freaky eyes. You would say,” What the fuck”

But most of the people think they can’t afford something that is too costly and they never imagine Apple dreams. Apple is still a dream company and it always keeps it standards high. /most of the time people are afraid of thinking about an iPhone or iPad, which is just a buy at a perfect or it will be given to you by the creator of life.

Nowadays another option for buying an iPhone is by selling your Kidney or any other organ. But most of people ignorant about the fact that they can get anything just by working towards a constant goal. This goal should be SMART Goals.(I wont go into the Goal Setting concepts).

Lovely, i am interested in buying the latest iPad Pro 2020 Model. Do you think how much it will take you to buy an iPad Pro in India? The Good thing i know the price of iPad Pro (4th Generation)(128GB)(WiFi)(12.9 inches)(Space Grey)(Pencil 2nd Gen) is

Good night!! Adios!!

Why you need Financial Freedom?

My goal for financial freedom is simple, i want on thing from this life is being free from life. Free from life is not just like avoiding marriage and live like a too selfish dragon, avoiding lovely people, friends, and everything.

This means living the hole for love, surprise, and happiness. Good happiness is doing what we love to do and when we love to do this. The most important thing is a paycheck or monthly salary will make you a rat in this race and you never ever will come out of it. 

Do you know how does one thing like freedom can be achieved both financially, spiritually and other parts of life? Financial Freedom is a rule for other people who hate their day or want to do different things in life.

Instead of a job, they love to pursue certain things which are called happiness, Happiness is being what you do when you want to do. Without certain freaky things in it. 

Wow! I am financially independent, which is characterized in a different way to different people. Settling for something lower than your mindset is called poverty. In these days, Poverty must rename or reshaped. Poverty can be measured in the rate of happiness. Happiness is important to people in terms of live style decisions.

Think about it. MY eyes are sleepy, too sleepy today.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?

 When you hear about Financial Freedom all you remember is a big, cozy house or villa with a garden, Swimming Pool, and the area where i can play shuttle or Squash. When the clocks click 6 AM, your alarm starts yelling at you,” Wake up, Wake up!! It’s a Brand new day”.

Me: Mmmmm! mmmm! Mmmmm! (Snooze the alarm!!)

Screen message: Your Alarm snoozed for 10 Minutes.

Mobile(after 10 minutes): “Wake up, Wake up!! It’s a Brand new day”

Me: (Searches mobile in the bed and find it under my legs.) Try to snooze with legs. Fails to snooze it. Grabs it with the leg and gets it by hand and stops the alarm. (“Wake up, Wake up!! Its a Brand new day”

Mobile:(Fire Engine stops)

This will not be my ideal day when i have financial freedom. Being an early riser, i wake early, talk an hour near the beach, enjoy the climate, and return home in a mybike(designed with aerodynamics).

A perfect day when i have financial freedom. A lot of consistency and sacrifices must be made in order to do it.

A perfect financial freedom day!!!!!

About the Day:

The day is ideal for working on my minor projects and i watch aliabdal videos for all night and evening. I write my blog and search for things that separate me or improvise me all the time. Let the world decides my freedom and my mindset will make a fortune. A fortune that downpours the whole thing.

Have you ever think about it?

I am financially Free and i order my mind to bring freedom in financial, working and other things.

I am financially free, but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



My Goal for 2020 be like this

37 day of FF

Thirty-Eight Day of Financial Freedom

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