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The Next idea is Habit Tracker in Tamil

Habit Tracker in tamil is like a oldest new idea, most people never uses a tracker. But they wanted to do something they never.

They are overwhelmed by seeing the negative side of everything. I must state that we need to change our life by changing our habits.

I need to design a simple tracker and use it daily. But I simply use a calendar as my blogging tracker. A calendar is a good tracker for intermediate and Pro. But for a beginner, they are with too much options.

A sneak into my calendar, it’s for 10 to 6 Job Guy. Using Google Calendar is having too many benefits, like I can open in my home and also office.

I want to switch to Notion, it looked attractive.

So the Plan is to design a Habit Tracker for Reading Books. Combining with James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

Let’s Start the Journey!!!

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