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Do you know Amazon sells these weird products – Reviewers

Welcome to weird Products,

Today we are gonna see, what are the weird products in Amazon. A small review and exciting stories on them.

First Product.

Neem Chew Sticks

Wow, this is an Amazing Product in Amazon, Available at Rs.37(Rupees thirty-Seven).

Heres a little story, I grew up in a village there are a lot of Neem trees. At that time, there is no paste only this nEen stick we use as the brush. Village Folks say this is highly effective in whitening the teeth, keeping the enamel strong and eradicate the bad odor.

This is good and when the end of the neem branch is good at brushing.

Warning: Brush at your own risk.

Today this product is listing on Amazon. Sounds Funny.

People order these products and comments that it was not Good.

Not expecting their Level.

Coconut Shell Bowl

Another Product which blew my mind.

This is it. Gives a bunch of Satisfaction.

Kerala – Largest Producer of Coconuts, now in 2nd Place because Tamil Nadu has overcome them.

Funny Business tactics for you.

Start an Ice cream Parlour Serve them in coconut Bowls. People love it.

Start a sweet stall and serve it in Coconut bowls. They love it.

Start a Drink part, serve drinks in Coconut Bowls or Coconut Cups, People won’t forget you.

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