Sri Rama jayam: Meditation Journal

Sri Rama Jayam is called Likitha Jap Writing Meditation This gives one a complete sense of surrender to an inner conscience and peace while writing the golden words.

“Shri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram” is a Siddha Mantra and whoever uses it will reap a harvest that he himself can never expect.

Numerous saints and ordinary people have benefited from this mantra from times immemorial. Sri Tulsidas writings say that ” If you place Ram Naam in the tip of your tongue ( which is like the gate of the temple) then you will see both inside and outside shining with light

”மனம் கலங்காமல் மனோபலத்தோடு இருக்க, வெற்றியை வசப்படுத்த மந்திரம்.

We decided yo harness the power of this magnificent abode which available to everyone in the world. So we started a beginner journal to help people to improve their focus on happiness wealth and importantly Health.

Sri Rama Jayam: Meditational Journal

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