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Should i buy an iPad Air 4 or a MacBook Air 2021?

Should i buy an iPad Air 4 or a MacBook Air 2021?

Hello, Welcome again,

This is the price comparing era!!

In this blog post, you are going to check which is more emotional to buy whether a iPad Air 4 or MacBook Air 2021?

The Point is i am needing a laptop with high productivity to blog, draw and also edit videos of less.

An iPad Air 4 for digitial art practicing, at first i tries to buy an iPad 9th gen. Due to out of stock on many online platforms and apple said they will ship it in a month which is great..

I need it immediately and i need to do it on the EMI. That’s why??

What can you do with an MacBook Air M1?

The main point of getting it is to replace my older laptop which motherboard got repaired.

I played Prince of Persia on it, and it went out.

Then i thought of buying a Laptop or tablet for high quality and also high money.

Building our own pc is the first idea i came with, but we are going to buy on emi and oh my god it won’t be portable.

And that point i thought of apple laptops. And the budget laptop which comes under 1lakh is MacBook Air m1 256 GB 8 Core CPU and 7 Core GPU. The color is the tricky part. No Spacegrey is available. So it’s Silver.

And the Price stands for Rs.92,900/- in apple official site and on amazon it is like Rs.85,900/- .

Thats a lot of money, all i can do it to search for certain low priced sellers.

But now i am following the Warren Buffet’s 7 day rule for buying something.

But these days i think i need of a laptop to blog and also do some stupid works to earn money.

I have a pen tablet, so i can use it to draw Doodle or other achievements. This is a basic start point of

These are the reason for MacBook air m1.

What can you do with an iPad Air 4?

This is mainly for Digital Art and Consumption.

For aspiring artist, ✌it is the most important gadgets. An good investment for artist, value for each dollar.

Value for each penny you invest, but price need to demanding Rs.54900 in apple official site and 50900 in amazon store.

But in Amazon Prime Day Sale, πŸ˜ƒ it priced upto 46900.


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