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What is the advantage of putting ‘reading ‘ as a hobby

What is the advantage of putting ‘reading ‘ as a hobby in the resume or telling reading as your Hobby to the interviewer?

I think there are no cons of putting reading as a Hobby in resume.

Interviewer and you


This happened to me in every interview i attended. I attend nearly 20+ and i told all of them my hobby is reading and being creative. Writing books.

When the interviewer asks,” what’re your hobbies?”

You say,” Reading Books, Listening to Music and Doodling”

interviewer: reading Books, which genre do you like.

You: Fiction – Romance, thriller

Interviewer: Your Favourite Book

You: Dan Brown’s Da Vince Code.

Interviewer: Last Book you have read

You: Inferno

Interviewer: Good

You: Inferno: Thanks

Only one con you need to focus on You has to answer those questions with HR, manager and even CEO.

I did with all of them. And thanks for the Question.

PUBG Backup

The main trick is to make the interviewer believe that you are honest in your answer. He is not going to tell you to narrate the whole story of a book. The interviewer knows that time is valuable, he needs to interview all your peers.

Remind this things, Readers are Leader and reading always considered as a good hobby, because a person’s imagination in important to the company.

Likewise if your imagination solves problem to the company, you are beneficial and valuable.

Don’t Stop reading. if you are not, start reading.

I will give a free link to kindle and audibles.

i will add to my blog as content.

How can I improve my reading habits? How did you develop good reading habits? What things should I keep in mind before starting this?

My kindle book suggestions will be updated sooner.

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What is the advantage of putting ‘reading ‘ as a hobby

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