One Plus Bullets Wireless Z – A Short Review

Recently, I Bought the One Plus Wireless Headphone. This is the most important investment I made for Headphones.
Mostly I stop at Rs.1000, now I moved from there.

One Plus Wireless Headphone Cost me Rs.1999/- on Amazon. This is pretty awesome.

I got the delivery within two days.
I hope for the best in it. And I got the same.

Like the title says 10 minutes charge to get 10 Hours of Listening.
I can assure you that the battery backup and magnetic off System is awesome.

I choose the Colour of Reverb Red and it matches perfectly to my Specs.


Bluetooth headset

Changing time is less than 30 secs.

Charging time is 10 minutes for 10 hours of use. Using more than 3hours continuously can damage our ears, so take care of it.

Listening Experience

So far i listened it with multiple times on Mobile and Laptop. The experience is still similar and ear pair is little. But we need self conciousness for listening on Headphones.

Calls Experience:

This is Great, all you need to do is attend calls by pressing the middle Button. I kept the Phone in my room, used it in a long range.

It was Good.

No tangles, thats more intriguing.

Magnetic off and On is also great.

Type-C Experience:

No Problem at all, Charging using my Laptop. But the charging is effective in this Headphone.


If you are buying a Boat headphone above 1000, you can try it. value for money. But it is Made in China.

Always One Plus, One Plus

One Plus Bullets Wireless Reverb Red Bass Edition

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