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New COVID strain Omicron – Thoughts of an 27-Year Teen

New COVID strain Omicron – Thoughts of an 27-Year Teen

HELLO again!!

I am writing this blog on morning 4:51 AM. This is really a good thing these days. I am getting more work get done

I wonder what will happento a teen adult like me when new covid approaches. Most important thing we need to keep ourselveshappy all the time. TIME is the most important assets now.

Why People never consider TIME is an important asset?

When covid 19 outbreaks for the first time in 2020, most people are afraid that they might die from the infections.

But the teens have heavily affected by the 1st wave of COVID 19, some of them lost family, lost the loved one and some of them really missed the point of living, afraid of how to move ahead in life.

Teens mostly immersed in watching netflix and other activities that helped them to overcome the boredom, while on this scale of entrertainment. They missed the social way to improve themselves.

We were working from home and felt something is missing from life . And afraid of things might get complicated we never achieve anythjng we wanted to achieve.

Like Travelling, Campaing , seeing tourist places and much more in doing fun activities.

Fear of life is the main factor which is terrific what next, what next is the question we always thought.

SOCIAL MEDIA the 2nd killer other than who tells you are not successful and wasting your life.

Then we came to the solution,

We are Suffering from QUARTER LIFE CRISIS.

No Medicine available to it.

2nd Wave of COVID19:

Moving on to the 2nd wave, most of them figured out that we can overcome covid 19.

But our life crisis cannot solved unless we break the pattern of living. Yet we hurdled hard to change our life, our parents dragging us into the same place.

They can’t understand what we are going through, what our thoughts on life. Without more exploration, we can’t move to the next step or even taking 1st step to get out of ourselves from this place.

So we are still in the Quarter Life Crisis. And we welcome everyone to join it.

After the 2nd Wave, the vaccination campaigns took part and vaccinated most of the people and we thought we can move.

Finally, we thought we can move to the next part in life.

And there you came omicron, a leacher who is trying to take our futre goals and accomplishments.

Help us to overcome the Quarter life Crisis.

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