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Money Vs Emotions – How you need to handle money?

Money Vs Emotions – How you need to handle money?

They say How you treat money and it will flow inwards and outwards.

Like if you are not having a good relationships with money, it will make you suffer. After a longtime of suffering with money, i found the solution in myself.

But i tried to change the relationship from being angry to friendlier one, circumstances influenced by external factors broke the practice. But the practice is different.

You can give it a try think about money as your friend or someone who you control and laugh about it.. The big picture problem here is managing the finances with good health and mindset.

Money in Emotional State:

Money is affects the emotional state of a person. It can turn goodperson into a devilish/Jealous one. happens to everyone around ourselves.

If you read this book the psychology of money, you get to know the psychology behind money and how rich has it in a perfect way.

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