List of things to visit in Mayiladuthurai District

Recently Mayiladuthurai got District Status. We are happy that finally have our district, but we don’t know what are the things we can do or explore here.

There are lot of options in Mayiladuthurai, we will see these things to do in this Blog.

Temple Visit

Mayuranathar Temple near the Sub Jail. This is a place of serenity and it also has an Elephant who goes for a walk every evening.

At evening, you can go there and enjoy the peace there.

Eating Bakeries

Eat favourite sweeets and Pasteries around the District.

Visiting Beaches

You can visit two Beaches – Pombuhar Beach and Tharangambadi Beach. Get into the waves and special items around here.

The sound of waves and coolness makes you happy and it also a long bike ride or car ride.

Religious Places

To make you feel more religious visit the Kumbakonam and Vaitheeswaran koil. You can snak often there and enjoy the religious times there.

Dont you see there are lot of options to do in Mayiladuthurai.

you can shop an entire day in Pattamangal Street and Get mix with the Crowd and Get Corona Virus.

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