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How to talk to the Heart?

How to talk to the Heart?

Let’s talk about two Arch-enemies and Arch-Friends who can make a man or woman cry or make them happier. We are talking about them. Can you guess who we are talking about?

we are talking about them, The Heart and The Brain to be precise. The Heart is filled with emotions and the brain filled with Logics with possibility within our limits.

And on the new way of working the brain and Heart will never work together. They work only on certain conditions, like the thing your heart and mind love to do.

Some people around you found the thing they love at their heart and they are convinced by themselves to work towards it. They change their mind as the way they want because their thought in the mind and the love for the work or the idea they loved is came from the Heart!

Heart Vs Mind:

The heart is found where people are filled with happiness like the one where they are surrounded by people. When this happens the mind doesn’t work smoothly, it diverted from the strange mentality and enters into a new stage where the thoughts flow freely without any change.

On the other hand, the mind is a child of problems. The mind is the creator and also the destroyer of the problems in human life, And the heart is the Mother of Emotions, who creates an emotional attachment to the problem created by Mind.

And this Emotional attachment in Mind creates a pain that cannot be born by the People. And when the mind and Heart are together, they create a pain that is not endurable.

Examples when Brain and Heart works together:

  • A girl or boy who had their First breakup
  • Losing Someone who is very Dear to us.
  • People who walk away when you trusted them deeply.
  • A Cheater.
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