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How to start reading for absolute beginners?

How to start reading for absolute beginners?

Hello Newbie, this is a step by step to read books. Its not a mandatory to read books by buying a book, you can listen to it or watch a summary.

What the Purpose of reading?

  • Learn Something
  • Earn a Degree
  • Entertain Yourself
  • Travel boundless
  • Kill Time
  • Avoid talking to People
  • Understanding Ourselves

For Beginners?

Step 1 :

Find the Purpose the reading and set a perfect time for reading.

Perfect time for Reading!

The best time for reading:

  1. Early Morning
  2. Commute to Work
  3. Coffee Breaks
  4. Bed time

Choose your time wisely!

Step 2 :

Choose the book you want. It may be anything. Keep it simple. Don’t go for the Personal Development or Self-development sections. They are a bit of hard at the beginning.

Best Genre’s for beginners (my personal recommendations)



Children’s Books


Step 3 : First Leap

Start reading one page or one paragraph.

For the best result, I recommend reading for One Minute. Start with just One Minute, and add one minute daily.


Day 1 – 1 minute

Day 2 – 2 minutes

Day 3 – 3 minute and add 1 minute daily.

That’s all! All the best!

Hope you have a good life!!

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