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How to save your love in this valentine’s

Don’t let your gift affect your girlfriend’s heart?

Do you want to attract your girlfriend in this valentine’s?

Find a perfect gift for your difficult for all the boys. But if you find it after a hard struggle and the gift pays a lot in return of love from Girlfriend its good.

But what if the gift sucked and your girl got any angry at you. There are 10 steps will help you to get the perfect yet correct product to your loved one.

First)Check your  Social media(WhatsApp and Instagram or amazon browsing history)

This is the easiest method get the perfect because in our old conversation we can find the thing which our girls need the most.

If she texts you like if I have this book, I would have done that.

She asks to Buy me a Lovely Chain for this birthday, why you are waiting for the birthday.

In both cases we can understand the need, so we can fill it easily.

Second)Check the photos and places where we are gone. Then it can remind something.

Maybe you went to you a mall, she loved the dress. But at that, she does not have money. She won’t take the money from you. So she missed the dress/object or anything. You can present this as your gift. which touches her personally.

Because it what she wants but she misses it. So if you buy the same thing, you are understanding her and caring about her.

This makes you move one step ahead of the regular love.


The most important factor that we are about to discuss because is the investment side. It can return as an immediate or late effect. Decide how much budget you are allocating. if you are super-rich, don’t worry.

You can make her happy with 50 rupees and unhappy with 500/5000rps.choice is yours decide and execute.

For lower prices approach the Amazon Store (It’s our store) (NAMBA KADAI)

Online /Offline

Check whether your gift available offline or online. Offline means no problem you can buy anytime and wrap the gifts.

The online mode you need to do it as soon as possible. If delivery was late it will be bigger problems. This may make you could lose your love.

You Girlfriend may adjust, but the people around her won’t. Where is the gift? they ask.

You girl feel puzzled and embarrassed in front of them. keep this in mind.

Think about it that the gift you are given comes under three categories.

  1. Use daily/Periodically
  2. Good memory
  3. She throws it inside her cupboard

6. The Gift you are giving, it must be personal. It must touch her heart or it must become part of her life.

7. Purchasing the Product or Service.

8.Where you re going to give the gift.

9. How you are going to give it. Hide the gift from your parents./family./Hostel friends./Your Best friends

10. Stack the gift with an old fashioned gift card (Write a card with few lines in beautiful calligraphy or cursive fonts).

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