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How to overcome long lasting Laziness?

How to Overcome long lasting laziness?

You can easily break the cycle of laziness by doing the following steps. It is the most easiest way to do it.


You need to create three list.

I want to do

I love to do

I must to do

If you complete this list you will get an ideas what’s in your mind.

To shorten this list, round the thing you want to do it for fun in red color and Box the thing you want to do it for money or responsibilities.


Now you have the script version of your mind. Take the list out and stick it infront of your mirror, in your closet where you see it by accident.


Write a letter to your imaginary friend or your loved one who only care about you. Carry the letter with you. If you are a digital guy, switch the letter into the email.

Keep it as starred or important!!

When you are feeling drowned or lazy, take the letter or email and read it out.

You feel a sense of shame if you didn’t do it or feels happy that you did it. Likewise, you need to keep track of those thing you wanted to.

Once you started to find out Why you can’t be lazy, you cease to be lazy. I think this will work.

I will improve the ideas!!!

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