How to improve our focus? or How to increase concentration for studying? These are the most searched google questions for the interened to find the one way to invrease concentrtion.

Most of the blog and books suggest meditation as the way to improve concentration, i will agree to that answers but we need practical ways to improve.

In this blog, i will give exercise to practice few ways to improve the focus as sharp as an arrow. Focus like an arrow or an eagle.

I can teach you to increase your focus with just one line you know. One line can make your focus,

Like this line

A Line – for improving concentrations


The Most difficult thing in life is concentration, even a peck of sound can change your mind and distractions rules the brain. The more distractions we have the more our life has distractions.

reduce the distractions as much as possible, decisions are always the key to winning the life.


Do you see the like, draw 100 line over the same line for 100 days. You will get a concentration like eagle which looks at the prey as she goes.

Scribbled Line are more effective in this case. But Scribbled line will take most time to concentrate them.

keep your mind calm as sea before storm, even the storm hits hard. keep your mind in peace, this is the asset which bring you money, life and happiness.

This is my journal with concentration increasing tips. most of them are practicals ideas which i tried some of them and some of them will change.

If you swapped your eyes for an eagle’s, you could see an ant crawling on the ground from the roof of a 10-story building.

How to increase your focus(concentration) Journal

Do You Struggle With Staying Focused? Don’t you want to be able to concentrate better? Do you struggle with a lack of focus and procrastination starts to settle in? Are you looking to increase your learning capacity? When you started working on something you love, you can’t even concentrate on the works. It’s because of the lack of awareness among the environment and in you. You have to be brutally honest with yourself.

But you will know when you have come across something energizing by the way you feel. You don’t need to trek the forest for this or take a freaking yoga class, you just need to focus your energy on it for a while. The workbook is designed for the person who says”How can you improve your focus?” and “Why can’t I focus on anything?”.

This is the only workbook you need to increase your FOCUS(Concentration).Full of puzzles(mostly mazes ), when you finish it. You are unstoppable.

How can i improve my focus (concentration)

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Puzzles for Improving Concentration and focus

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