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How to Improve Concentration While Studying 2021

How to Improve Concentration While Studying 2021

Welcome to our Blog, we are really interested to write in this topic. Although this topic has many blogs who already written on them. I think I can share my knowledge which I learned in the book The Power of Concentration.

The Power of Concentration is a powerful book which much detailed knowledge how you can get anything by concentrating on the thing you wanted always.

Exercise 5:

How to Improve Concentration While Studying 2021

Move your chair up to a table, placing your hands upon it, clenching the fists, keeping the back of the hand on the table, the thumb doubled over the fingers. 

Now fix your gaze upon the fist for a while, then gradually extend the thumb, keeping your whole attention fixed upon the act, just as if it was a matter of great importance. 

Then gradually extend your first finger, then your second, and so on until you open the rest. 

Then reverse the process, closing first the last one opened and then the rest, and finally you will have the fist again in the original position with the thumb closed over the finger. 

Do this exercise with your left hand.

Keep up this exercise first with one hand and then the other until you have done it five times with each hand. 

In a few days, you can increase it to ten times.

The above exercises will at first make you “tired,” but it is important for you to practice these monotonous exercises so you can train your attention.

Exercise 6 :

How to Improve Concentration While Studying 2021
How to Improve Concentration While Studying 2021

When You Read. No one can think without first concentrating his thoughts on the subject at hand. 

Every man and woman should train themselves to think clearly. 

An excellent exercise is to read some short stories and then write just an abridged statement.

Read an article in a newspaper, and see in how few words you can express it. 

Reading an article to get only the essentials requires the closest concentration. 

If you are unable to write out what you read, you will know you are weak in concentration. 

Instead of writing it out, you can express it orally if you wish

Go to your room and deliver it as if you were talking to someone. 

You will find exercises like this of the greatest value in developing concentration and learning to think.

How to improve concentration while studying in a Simple way

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