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How to Improve Concentration and Focus 2021 Easiest Way

How to Improve Concentration and Focus 2021 Easiest Way

Welcome to our Blog, we are really interested to write in this topic. Although this topic has many blogs who already written on them. I think I can share my knowledge which I learned in the book The Power of Concentration.

The Power of Concentration is a powerful book which much detailed knowledge how you can get anything by concentrating on the thing you wanted always.

Exercise 7

Select a picture; 

How to Improve Concentration and Focus 2021 Easiest Way

Put it on a table and then look at it for two minutes. 

Concentrate your attention on this picture, observe every detail;

Then shut your eyes and see how much you can recall about it. 

Think of what the picture represents; whether it is a good subject; whether it looks natural. 

Think of objects in the foreground, middle ground, background; of details of color and form. 

Now open your eyes and hold yourself rigidly to the correction of each and every mistake.

Close your eyes again and notice how much more accurate your picture is. 

Practice until your mental image corresponds in every particular to the original.

The closer we live to nature the more developed this sense is.

or Write/Draw what you remember (Just Bending rules for you). But the above method is effective.

Exercise 8:

How to Improve Concentration and Focus 2021 Easiest Way

Think how you would feel if you were cool; then how you would feel if you were cold;

 again, how you would feel if it were freezing. 

In this state, you would be shivering all over. Now think of just the opposite conditions; 

Construct such a vivid image of heat that you are able to experience the sensation of heat even in the coldest atmosphere. 

It is possible to train your imagination until you do this, and it can then be turned into practical account in making undesirable conditions bearable.

If you will start practicing along this line systematically you will soon gain wonderful control over the things that affect your physical comfort.

How to improve concentration while studying in a Simple way

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