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How to Find what you Love to do in Simple Steps?

How to Find what you Love to do in Simple Steps?

Welcome to Another interesting Blog, in this blog you can find what you love to do in simple steps. Most of them don’t know what they wanted in this life. And many Lost they’re in searching and some of them failed to search for it.

Many of the people in this world found what they love and they do it, Live happily.

There are three categories of people you can divide, the one who falls in the category of found what they love and doing it full-time, earning money.

You need to follow the below steps to Find What you love:

Audit your Social Media Following:

Take any Social Media account of yours, Check the people you follow and write the most like people and their account.

Write a few words about Why You Like them.

For Example, if you follow any artist account. You like their art, or will you truly inspired about his art work and you practicing hard become like him.

You can find it that you have a passion for art.

It doesn’t end here.

If you audit all the accounts, you only left with a little why. They are stronger than others. Your WHY moves your heart when you read about it.

Find the inner voice:

Your inner voice is your heart emotion filled roar. Some have a romantic, other have a Stingy. It varies by people.

Some are passionate and others are helpless. In either case, you can have a certain voice. It’s the voice that creates an identity for you. The voice of the individual can change anything.

Combining your social media audit result and Inner Voice, you get the desired result. You can’t get it in one go.

You may need some practice.

Where Hardwork/ Heartwork Pays for:

Hard work is for increasing your Skill Level and Heart Work is for your Creativity and Emotions in Hard Work.

These two won’t merge easily together, but if you make them work together. It definitely creates a perfect solution for what the world wants and surely it’s the thing you love to do in your life.

Life is Fleeting!

So Start Now!


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