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How to explode your creativity – A simple exercise

exercises for your brain

How to explode your creativity is the most searched phrase among the adults and also students. They think that creativity is reserved for certain kinds of people and most of them lack it.

Do you know that creativity is like a friend who is with you, but you can’t find him. because you didn’t train him to be with you. The important thing we lack creativity (sorry, didn’t improvise it), we didn’t take necessary action for CREATIVITY.

When we work on our physique, we improve it by using different weights and exercises. The same method we need to improve our creativity. You need to exercise your brain and attain a state of creativity. It won’t show in the second week, but i definitely come soon.

Hey there, As we are concerned about our different areas, we might concentrate on good things than bad things.

You are creative but your brain can’t accept the fact that is too creative. Your surroundings can affect your creativity.

Choose your friends according to your mindset.

Shoot for higher Goals.

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

Creativity is discipline and childlike behavior. We have 3 kid-like exercises for Adults.

Stupidity is also creativity but that can end in dangerous things, even bring you a million dollars, simply get you a slap or someone shouts at you.

Doing stupid things can bring creativity and potential risks which can also bring wealth in certain cases.

Creativity is born when you try to combine two different fields and came with a new one. Some people had multiple passions all they do was combine them.

They come with new products or services, which solve certain communities or people who are in demand for the services.

Exercise 1:

If you are an extreme book lover and you read a lot of books and you can be creative. You are not working which you are only consuming.

Just do this simple, Do you have a favorite scene in your novel and you can’t forget them easily.

Draw them with your own hands, recreate them with your visuals on your hand-drawn pic.

Do this exercise daily for one frame.

even stick drawing is better when you have no time.

Just take a break from something you are stressed about. Leave the stress, concentrate on yourself.

All you need is a paper and Pen. Give it a try.

I will give you an example, do you love the Harry Potter movie.

Draw Hedwig or hagrid, these characters i loved them. But i tried drawing Hedwig, it went horrible. i checked that it was really an owl or something else.

Exercise 2:

Start solving puzzles like mazes, and learn to live in the present moment.

Take a look at this puzzle and try solving it.

Exercises for your brain

You need to write Five ideas to make creativity flow inside you like blood.

Exercise 3:

Find an object and write 5 shapes that have the same geometry.

For example:

If you find an Eraser which is rectangle in shape.

Five things that are like them:

  1. A Book
  2. mobile phone
  3. Suitcase
  4. water bottle
  5. Pen

Books list for Creativity

Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist Journal

Thinking fast and slow

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