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How to add value in a simple Explanation?

How to add value in a simple Explanation?

Money is something you get in exchange of Value and you see this and hear this all the time. But no one tells you how to add value. Adding value is simple and if you understand the value adding process you can add to a society or community.

Value is created or transfer from one form to another form. A product value is measured by how does the product solves the problem of the customer or any person.

A Valuable product which satisfies the whole lot of Customers and helps them to Solve their own problems. In this case, you can have examples such as a blog a post which helps you to understand about how the blogging works and how can you improve your blogging skills.


A paper is valuable when it is used to write something on the surface. The paper solves probelm of taking notes of something you want to remember and on the other hand a digital paper which helps people to write on it.

A computer/Laptop/tablet is a valuable asset.

The Pen/Pencil are valuable asset.

Everything around you is valuable because we use them to solve one of our problem.

How to Find a Problem:

A Problem can be found when an exploration for a particular product is in need has originated. A single paper is not enough to solve the problem of writing more line in it.

So we need to create a notebook which holds certain pages of paper helps us to write till the end of the note reached.

And if you can’t find the problem, don’t worry.

All you need is to fix the problem, you are currently experiencing.

YouTube Videos add value to consumers and business solves the advertising problems through these Platforms..

Ways to add value:

Adding value can be summarised as below.

Turn a Long Blog post into a Instagram carousel or a image filled with keypoints.

Start a YouTube channel and make a conversation with your favorite YouTuber/other persons.

Create Planner sheet for a existing book

And much more things are in this world and you can find your unique way to add value.

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