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How do I read more??

How do I read more??

How do I read more?? This is the common question i get, but i have the easiest method. It works on anybody.

Most people want to read faster, and learn to process things in a short time. The important trick in reading faster is to silence the inner belief and improve more focus into Reading.

Three Tips

First Decide whether you are reading in paperback or Mobile.

If paperback means, this method will work perfectly. See you need to invert the book and read, by reading inverted you get difficulty at first but later you get used to it and you read faster when you keep the book normally.

Second, most of the time mobile is a bad companion but you say i have to listen to songs.

It’s Okay. I have done that. but Keep it in flight mode or silent mode, Because the time you spent on reading a chapter will be stretched if you have distractions.

third, Keep a tracker like a pen or a stick. They help you to move faster. When you use it for the first time, it looks difficult. But later they are good to go.

See these are things you need to correct up to me. But if you correct these things, you can read faster.

If you are reading in a kindle, you can get all these things comes in handy.

And if you use the kindle app on mobile for reading, in my personal opinion just get Tablet or something. You stretch your eyes for the Mobile, you can read more.

I hope the answer is up to your mark.

And i am interested in researching whether the reader gets orgasm by reading in Paperback or Kindle.


if you want to read faster, you need to improvise the your eye movement. The faster you read, the more you concentrate in it.

Another trick is to find your why. Why you want to read faster and process information. You must find those things before start reading.

I experienced this when i started reading THE BORON LETTERS. But I wanted to master a skill faster. this was my soul purpose. And I read the whole book in a day.

My Goal for 2020

Getting ready to make money online.

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