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How am I Planning to Buy an iPad Air 4 by Selling Digital Products?

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How I Planning to Buy an iPad Air 4 by Selling Digital Products?

Welcome to our blog, in this I am about to tell my plan to buy an iPad Air 4.

Every Plan must have an exact goal to be fixed, my WHY to buy an iPad Air 4.

WHY I need a iPad Air 4?

  • To Create more Puzzles and increase creativity in Puzzles
  • Creating my HomeTown based Maze Puzzles and Let my friends play with them.
  • Draw more illustrative Stories and engage with my fellow interest people to learn more
  • Publishing my first illustrative book
  • Challenge me worthy of having my own Studio with Apple products.

My Plan:

Mission 2021 – iPad Air 4

It’s a good one but cannot be measured and I can’t track if it isnt in numbers.

So as to improve my attention and measurement, I am about create simple calculation.

Products Price
(in Indian Rupees)
iPad Air 454,900
iPad Air 4 Case Cover399
iPad Air 4 Screen Protector999
Apple Pencil 2nd gen10,897
Pencil Cover499
Net Payable67694
My Goal – iPad Air 4

So the Goal is 67,694, to exactly say 68,000. And the truly remarkable thing is I didn’t add the Apple care in it. But I want to add it to this budget. But we will buy things later.

These prices are based on Amazon, if I buy it from the Apple official site I may get a free engraving. Who needs fancy ones.

Back to the plan and goal setting.

Goal 68,000:

It looks big but I can buy it will my 4-month Salary. There is no challenge or growth in it if I follow that path. So we are going to break them into smaller ones.

But i forgot to set the End Date. A goal must have a end date.

So the End date is 31 October 2021.

The Current date is 17-06-2021, I am having roughly 2 months and 15 days. Only 76 days to be Exactly.

Let’s break the goals into mini goal and micro goals.

For a day, I need to earn

One day goal – mini goals



Finally, We got into the amount we need to earn for a day to achieve this goal of iPad Air 4.

Then We need to stretch out the Plan of selling Digital Products. Digital Products are the product which needs less maintenance and creates only once sold many times, in my shoes, I am Planning to create Digital Products help people to increase their Happiness and Productive.

I need to create a product that can make people happier and also productive at the same time. But first I will create products to make people happier.

How to Sell Digital Products:

First, Setting an Online Shop and introduce variety of products.

Driving traffic will be the biggest challenge, if we work on the process. We definitely win.

And I will buy my dream iPad Air 4.

Need to do next, I will see you at the next episode soon. And it will be good practice for storytelling and Worst at the same time. Throw some bad art daily.

Designing a Goal Sheet or Planner

Designing a Tracker for myself

My Top grossing pages in my Blog:

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And that’ all See you Later in Designing a Goal sheet for myself.

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