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Here I am doing my first application on flutter

Creating a To Do App using tutorial can be easy because it tells what to do. And this will be the leaping stone to next application designs.

Do you think I can build a separate app along with this life/work.

I am sleepy now but I completed most of the tutorial and learning the basics of connecting a realtime database with flutter to create to do.

Edit Task and get a clear picture of everything. My simple Idea in this app is if you have more than 5 incompleted task out of 8 to 10 task, then the background of the app must be red.

if not then the app ui background color must be Green or any other which is more calm and serene.

We can overcome this talk of doing this app and I will be best app developer . I am creating more popular and use ful apps for the human kind.

we are earning a lot of money in creating the mobile apps.

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