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Free Puzzles for iPad users!!

Free Puzzles for iPad users!!

Free Puzzles for iPad users!!

We are thrilled to launch our oldest and most popular puzzles, which are the series of many puzzles combined. So do you want to check special free puzzles only for ipad users.

Maze Puzzles:

Tracing the path from one start to end is the Maze puzle. With apple pencil, it is very easy to do this puzzle. ALL you need is the open and trace it. You can Zoom it to any level.

Please download Below:

Missing Numbers:

Missing Numbers helps you to prove your mathematical ability.

  • The missing values are the whole numbers between 1 and 100.
  • Each number is only used once.
  • In Each row is a math equation.
  • Each column is a math equation.
  • Remember that multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction

Download Sheets below:

Decode the message.

Each letter in the phrase has been replaced with a random letter or number.
Try to decode the message.

Word Search Puzzles:

Find the word in the puzzle.

Words can go in any direction.
The Words can share letters as they cross over each other.

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