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Forty-Two Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

Understanding the current situation, we need to improve ourselves from this current situation. This must be the most important task in getting financial freedom. We need to fix the mindset which is the problem for most of the problems. The problem is simpler if we can’t fix it and it will explode like a bomb or something strange.

Fixing the mind is an important task now and learning something valuable Skill. The most important time we need to spend is for the TRB Exams. It must be a great opportunity for exams and making memories. Listing the places to explore in my locality and Following them are crazy. But i must do this if i am willing to study for TRB. I need to let my mind be free and increase retention.


Engineering is new, but we all start every time as a beginner. Let me break into minor or micro topics like Casting is a big one. If you are willing to split it into micro like introduction, pattern making, mold making, parts in the molding area and all the subtopics. It’s very easy to learn and implement. 

Apart from text, we need to go in-depth on problems, Problems based on previous year question paper, we need to buy some question bank books. But i already have this mechanical GATE Book, i don’t know what to do with it.

We must be fighting, the competition is quite high. All the teaching fellow, private college professors, Gate ranker will be coming into this Exam, remember it’s your Exam attitude which will save. Your attitude and mindset will only save you this time. Starting from the basics, deep dive into some of your strong areas manufacturing and concentrate on general engineering. This is only one chance to get into the collegiate education service along the teaching line.

It’s your attitude saves you from anything, even get you where you want, plant it wisely.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

Living a breakthrough life and creating a life that requires no special holidays. It will be rhetoric because of the whole damn life. The freedom to do the work, the freedom to sleep whenever you want and the most freedom to wake whenever you want. I will consider the most important freedom is to wake whenever you want, wherever you want to work and whatever you love to work. This kind of mindset will drive normal salaries, people, to think that this kind of person is crazy.

But true to the fact, most of the billionaires and millionaires accept the BeYourOwnBoss Style of working or living it in this lifestyle. They will create the product, according to the need and make money. They are valuable people, they create value sp they can make money. Money is not the root of all evil, Without money is the root of all evil. 

Money Magnet:

Being a money magnet will solve the problem. But a money magnet has three things with him anytime.

One – His relationship with money is lovable and he is the mere control of it.

Two- The valuable skill or product, which the market demands every time.

Three – Act of managing the time for money and other works.

These are certain things i know. But we need to really talk about freedom. Freedom is the freedom to do anything and whenever wherever. The most important and scarce commodity in this life is Time, your only time. The time which is clocking from the time of birth to death. 

I self-reflect these days, i am the guy who talks a lot about freedom, making money (online&offline), and mindset. I am just on the beginner stage every time, i never moved into another stage in earning money, leveling my skills for the market. You should be working at this time and feel grateful for that. The age of 25 is going to fade in a few months. If you didn’t make your next move, you will be here for not noticing the time. Find yourself and give yourself the reward you are writing for.

The numbers matter, but how could it change. All it takes dedication, consistency, and patience we all lose this thing when it comes to money. Think about the whole documented areas. You have been writing this blog for straight 50 days and you miss some time but do the same amount of work in the consequent day.

Finding the need or solving the problem otherwise helping some problem solvers to solve people’s problems and earn money from it.

Move faster if you stay longer, you might get roots to the soil.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?

Financial Freedom a life with no money worries and passion work. You really need to break all the rules of this home. No one can put yourself in the rules.

 if you follow rules, you will be in the same belief for years.

Oh hell and heaven, i am raging at the partial ignorance and partial inactivity. I need to check my skills and i am feeling the freedom, How does it sound like amid this COVID time?

The real truth about freedom, the desire for many, and a reward for some. Frugality doesn’t bring money, it saves money. But we need to do the real work to make money. In the meantime, i am losing myself into the long-standing love for freedom and working on something i am passionate about or learning new things on the go.

The most important love for freedom is the why, which never lets you sleep or even learn about something else. How does this single thing in this life will turn into millions and millions?

 Making money is fun until you believe its fun and what freedom means?

Freedom gives you below all,

Time to breathe, take care of your health, spending time doing what you love to do. Never accepting my calls when you are free.

About the Day:


Sunday. Ite really Sunday. I forgot that and i came to racing to Sunday Home church. So are we there to be there in the time of differential things. How are the many things that would shape the many things that will reflect the whole agenda?

It feels like time needs to bend or stretched to further claimants. Wow, this is going out of mind in this further hit. Will this be enough to make them shine the bar or in the whole game.

 Move further in the way for the good. There comes another special thought. I net my friend and talked about taxes that i know, the thing we want to achieve, the saddest truth in living this life.

Understanding someone is a great, there most valuable asset.

Completing this blog here.

I am financially free, but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart, and infinite spirit mind.



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