Forty-One Day of Financial Freedom

Forty-One Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

Under the Scary light, there is a shadow ranger who comes to the whole world and keeps them happy. In all those things, all the important things become good for the better. How did good things go from good to better and how can a man become good to better.

The most important fact about living life is different, not like everybody. You have blood, the blood which fuels you to anything you can. All you can do is to put the fuel and light it. The fire will safely land you where you want to go.

If you want to live like the 1%, you need to know what the 1% are doing. There is no replacement for that. Most of the time you need to improve your system so that you can do a certain amount of work in the path. You need to start at the bottom and reach the whole surface as the same is to enjoy the whole life.

The Doing:

The ultimate guide to happiness is to live life on our terms like doing the thing we loved but most of us won’t do that we always wanted the same thing which is called immediate comfort. Comfort is a drug where everyone forgets everything even why they started this in the first place. The fascinating point is most of us have the commodity to achieve everything in life.

We all have a smartphone, social media, and most of all time. If some say including me, i said i have no time, i have a lot of time in a day. But I failed to do the first thing that will make me quit my job or help me to make money.


Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin have the power to make any man successful, you must post content daily. And all you can do is provide valuable content.

Gary Vee is saying this thing in all his speeches, I am so addicted to him, and started posting every day. I also started the page in the ’90s, starting to engage and posting regularly things based on this area. How could a man be so valuable and share everything for free? Take note of his words. It will be wisdom for ages.

I am financially free.

Forty-One Day of Financial Freedom

Why do you need Financial Freedom?

Financial Freeams is the dream we are working towards. We all have this dream life, a dream life where you have no work but a lot of passion to follow and this dream life required a price. If you pay the price, the dream is yours. All it takes is two simple things which are consistency and patience.

They are the two words that rotate in my mind and literally all of them suggest that those things are enough to do something in this life.


In financial freedom, winning a lottery doesn’t matter, but what is the effect of winning the lottery matters. Most of the time important decisions are made in the time of mid-20 and 30, but we never taught our kids how to make a decision in a crucial time or never taught them anything valuable.

We raised them without teaching them about freedom and how to think, how can you change your mind and life, so they can have a better future. All the time, they are taught to study hard, get good grades, and get a job, buy a house & other things.

Like this people will always judge you.


We are financial freedom warriors, we fight for our freedom, not for money. Money is just a path or a guide to financial freedom. Most people can’t figure out why they want financial freedom and other things in this life.  Acknowledge this many times, I ask myself, what do you want in life? I want freedom, freedom to learn, create, improve, sell, and many other things which are the possibilities that Freedom gives for you. 

When freedom comes to you, I feel more energized, quit my job, and start what I am doing on a different scale. People wish for it. I am working on it. From today onwards, the working was double, Instagram engagement will happen straight 90 days and it goes straight for monetization. Who loves these things.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?

Finding what you want in life is the toughest problem if you want something more valuable than money. Then what you are chasing is more popular or anything else.when life still holds you from the different areas you are stronger enough to work on something you are passionate about even for a low wage.

Then this is the first sign that you will work for passion, not for money. Money is always the second factor but freedom is the first factor.

DO you know what most of the entrepreneurs in the world want, they all want to be free. Free from having themselves a job, the most important commodity they value is the time. The time they look at their most precious valuable thing in their lifetime. Mostly they are early wakers, who value their sleep and their body and their business and their next move.

But the most difficult factor is They cannot be stopped by these(forget the concept).

When you have an idea you are stopped by external factors like money, resources and many other reasons all can be won by creativity(this is the expert rule). If Elon musk is passionate about changing the world and the business in an area where the only government can do. He is rocking in the area of space automobile, the boring company, and the hyperloop project.

He is a man of multi-talented and he does anything, How he does it, which is the first line of action. Do you know the local he is changed from one area to another area?

Winning the game is so easy and we all know we must but we never ever thought his path to where he is now.

What Elon Musk has is financial freedom, so do Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other top billionaires, they don’t need to work but work for themselves.

It’s all summarized into two things one-passion/interest and two-Consistency and patience.

I am learning new things and studying for my TRB Exams.

Forty-One Day of Financial Freedom

About the Day:


It’s a sunny Saturday. It will be fun and finishing the random works for the house and heading to the office for repairing the office is the most enjoyable. Going to the office is for enjoyment and no or working is a different approach.

Meeting people whom we laugh will hold us into a different approachable thing. Life is different if you do it in a different way.

This time life is different and most of the time it is different. If you want to make it different. And when the loud voice comes from the overall time. This might be a crazy stupid thing.

Oh, I am so glad now that i am out of my mind. Do you know, we don’t do different kinds of stuff and other ings

I am the change for all of those things in life. Whether they do or not, they will change the whole damn things in life. Patterns are life, if you wake, go to the office and come home, sleep this is a pattern.


But if you break the pattern by doing one different thing in life, it is the awesome thing in life.

Do you remember the 30 days of doing new things daily in TED talks, which inspired me to do it? All the round, the pondicherry dream is waiting for me, the pondicherry dream life, or the dream life that will be in pondicherry. In many ways, the dream time pondicherry will be possible.

And Saturday is always a good time to start a new thing.

I am good at it.

Learning anatomy in Drawing and going to start one topic for the TRB Exam this might be simple to clear the exams.

One main topic, divide them into subtopic and into a little bit of subtopic this will work out.

I must clear the TRB exam for retiring early, this will boost my savings/investment rate.

And the next adventure starts.

TRB – Now or never

But most of the time I feel crazy about this thing. 

I am financially free, but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart, and infinite spirit mind.



Forty Day of Financial Freedom

My dream for 2020 be like this.

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