Forty Nine Day of Financial Freedom – Accio iPad Pro 12.9

Forty Nine Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

 This is another day with full of exceptional energy, why this energy is stored for utilizing a writing habit. This day means Sunday. Sunday is for the church, church is the Sunday special. In Sundays, I will work for some time and change the whole things. But there comes another cheeky report which comes from one area to another area. How will thing change if t you are constantly working on same schedule or same mindset.

Once you change the working schedule you can win the whole life, if you change the whole mindset, you will get the new life with more money or more time freedom. You might get the importance of being a different guy again.

Book ideas I have in my mind right now:

  1. The Stick drawing books
  2. The magic book of curiosa
  3. Dora the blind traveller
  4. The colour of the sky, the colour of the water.
  5. Clueless prints or clueless book
  6. Revising the mid of stick man’s life
  7. Majestic cover and they’re inspirational
  8. Cover book sample and brainstormed designs in them.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

 Financial Freedom is another name for doing things in your time or your love for them. At the end of a different life, we need to write or change it in the mind. Any thinking person can earn more money. Do you know how you could will this world?

The market based product will survive or the products which are the most important lifetime ideas so we can change the whole part of everything else. I am writing 100 words for a day. Another thing I will write or scribble the most important part of life, Life is the adventure.


What Financial Freedom means to you?

          The important lesson in life we need to learn is the life is nothing just a fragment of living and barely laughing. But what you need to do is to inspire, innovate and try to live out of the whole lie situation. You need to find the whole lot of new ways to live or to make money.

Thinking about making money will not bring money to you, but working on something will bring value to you and also money to you. Money is the next important or difficult thing which might be the different thing which dawned upon me and it results in a different way or different life.

          While the whole world is suffering I need to take care of myself in this world. I need to protect myself and my family from this issue. Do you know how this could be possibly done in this life?

          Make money, buy time and escape from the current world life. This life looks comfortable but too much comfort kills a person.

About the Day: 07.06.2020

This is a sunny Sunday. This Sunday is filled with churches and prayers, other informational things around the particular base things. I started writing that thing in this life.

Do you know how this thing could be changes from one area to another? But hearing this thing will change the whole lot of things.

My life is about to change, money is my friends who is like my colleague. This colleague friend makes me happy and he is always around me. Money is a good friend, I love money.

Money is all around me and it comes to me in all possible ways and in all possible directions in this life. How does this one thing will change the whole damn thing in life? Even dollar money can be earned in this world.

These are reasons backed with inaction. If action is the first thing in this life, then you would be a different stage life and everything else. Where is the action? You all had an idea; you lost all the action and time the important asset you have lost during these days.



An idea   —à Inaction —-à Money problems & other personal problems.

This is the painful truth. Do you agree?


An idea   —-à action —à Only solution and wealth creation in this life.

Full day blogging and also journals.  Writing sales letter practice and other things in this life.

I am financially free; but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



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