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Forty Four Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

I am self-worthy of everything, you are enough. How could this thing change your life, i look at myself in a different approach. We are in the need to switching the role from a consumer to a creator. I feel myself the creator is one rise and he must start creating every form he wants.

Then only he can figure out the lovable form he can create, i have many game ideas. Let me put that in the blog and i am watching the Korean series recently. I love them a long time ago, But i loved them.

Have you ever created something new that didn’t exist before the time of life? We are starting to create, but this time we are creating in a consequence and a systemic manner. Do you know how could you do this thing? When we set the thing in a systemic way, it’s easier for the mind to process the information which processed.

The real systematic plan is below.

  1. Writing Books
  2. Drawing characters, Movie locations
  3. Designing a full game story
  4. Watch a Korean/Netflix and other series

Love the way, it is cute. And sometimes we need to set a goal for that, we need to set atomic goals. The goal to form a habit, an easy habit that requires less time to achieve it. And i am writing affirmations relating to that with highly emotional words.

  1. I am writing 10 words per day
  2. Draw one shape for the character
  3. Write one plot a day

I think these are the right goals, But now that i am self-reflect that i am moving forwards to my goal. And I finally realized that my days are passing and my actions towards my goal are in a different phase. But I must show a dedicated plan of action and the plan of execution.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom will be a finalized goal, but the plan of action is to be exactly fixed. I will be emotional in this world. How to give me a WHY that must more emotional than anything else. How could we change the whole different world? And i am want to explore this thing in life.

How i am blissfully enjoying my day after financial freedom?

This is the most important yet interesting one. Wow!!!!

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?

Filling the day with random works and random thoughts, but the real truth lies in the fact of trust.

Oh my goodness, where the whole world loves to find odd things in life.

You drive to places around you and you find them beautiful posting them in social media. Involving the deep sense of innovation and living the lovely dreamy lifestyle. It’s better to lie an adventure life than a constant working life.

About the Day:

 Full day office stretch. How could we forget our passion for freedom and for the mindset of recreation? I found an awesome life ibn me. When i am writing the WHY and WHAtT to my goals daily. They constantly reminding me of the same scenario. 

And this is fully packed with office works when i came to form the work. I am watching Korea series”You’re all surrounded”

Oh My God!!. My iPad Pro dream is driving me crazy, sometimes i feel like shouting at no one or at my family members.

Sometimes i feel like smashing my Keyboards and papers on my desk.

I am Enough. I am calm, serene, and at peace with the world. Money is my friend who brings goodness to me.

I am financially free, but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart, and infinite spirit mind.



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