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Forty-Eight Day of Financial Freedom – Accio iPad Pro 12.9

Forty Eight Day of Financial Freedom – Accio iPad Pro 12.9

Forty Eight Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

How to win this life in 30days? All you need to do is to practice the Earl Nightingale 30 days test; it will change the whole life. But the important thing in this life is the most factual or important thing in life. I want to be successful. How could I change my whole life? It is easy to change it. Now you are changing your mind and you are programming it for success. I am a bit mad, I love to do many stuffs. But I love the concepts of doing something new.

iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 4th Gen Spacegrey – is it a SMART GOAL?

How this thing could will make me money, do I need to work like Austin Kleon to differentiate in everything else in this life. How could this thing happen to me? I will write 100 words a day in between 8 PM to 9PM. Or else, I will publish books that are differentiate in those thing in this life.

The book idea I have in my mind as are down below

  1. The Black Book (all are black and words are even white)
  2. The black hole in the book
  3. The colorful books for children, adults
  4. How to break up colors do look.
  5. Colour theory with words or Quotes.
  6. The words fell from Heaven
  7. Stories straight from heaven (Short stories I type in docs)
  8. Movie dialogue books or vadivelu books for character introduction
  9. Kids of ’90s
  10. How to win this creative struggle

While these ideas are still books which are lying in the whole gangs or anything else. How the work be won and how they will change the whole thing.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is the deeply rooted thing for some people in this lifetime. Because they are the people who are interested in the whole lovely thing in this life, How does this thing will come to win those thing will change the whole the whole games. I am addicted to this thing which must be a new diversion thing to work now. But I am advocate of financial freedom because the most important thing in life for me is time.

Time is the most valuable assets which is the only thing you must value. If you die, without achieving your goals. You are not dead now, you dead from the beginning of the whole damn thing in this life.

Do you know how the whole world needs money, if you give people money, they are asking. they will eventually quit the job. How could this happen? People always willing to work for money than for passion. In my time, all I want is money to buy the freedom. The Freedom is the most important and the best of all. you can be a little bird, so you can explore the community around you.

And here comes the most powerful statement, you are more than other people who trade time for money. But you are the guy who constantly willing to fight for freedom.

Fight for Freedom, nothing else.

What Financial Freedom means to you?

            Why you want this thing and you take a time to type this blog, typing it for all day. How does one people are interested in this life time? Do you know this is called freedom mindset. freedom mindset is the ting where people value for the time sometime they value money. being a financial indpendene ove, I will work for the freedom. herecomes my blog which is the first thing in achievement.

I have been typing all day and uploading these blogs. I don’t know how we are going to achieve this thing in this lifetime. Do you know people ill change the whole game of life?

Freedom, freedom and freedom. These are  the most important Goal for me, But I have long term financial freedom anfd short term iPad Pro. What I would do if I have an another blog content.

You know this life is different. I am thinking about financial freedom and living in the cozy villa in Pondicherry. Will this thing will become so true.

Do publish those books, you can learn from this.

About the Day:06.06.2020

Full-Day office and it is a sunny Saturday. I finished my register works and they changed the whole life as a different person in different things in this life. Do you know? We will change the costume of work to a fun day.

Finishing the long term goal and relaxing breath is the common is the most; we need to change the whole working system of me.

This system is corrupted, I need to change this system. Will thing change the whole life?

I will write 100 words a day for next 10 days. The habit of harvesting the book the for my iPad Pro.

An iPad Pro story of how a middleclass bought a ipad pro with pencil and cover to impress the whole thing in this life.

riding the bike is cool and meeting my friend is also so cool.

I am financially free; but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



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make this lockdown more exciting.

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