Forty Day of Financial Freedom

Forty Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

Creating something is the first way to get rich, why so many people who are creating are not rich. Why they are not rich? How could they get rich?

I need to find these answers for this. This question is going to match under a perfect answer from the boron letters. The Book says this you need to create or sell a product to people who are in need of the market. Create a product for an existing market or fix your market perfectly.

Fix the market first and create the product which fills the need. Then charge for your valuable service or customer. How could we all do this thing in a thing? If you do this thing, you will get rich or else, you will stay poor. I find answers to my questions.

How to find the need or problems to get rich, most people won’t say this?

The importance of finding the need or problem will not be an ultimate goal, You can sell your product or service at a nominal price and you can get rich by making money, it will be the best assets of all the time. Soon you will get competitors but there always stands a name for the brand. The brand that each and every people in the location or the digital business.

In three steps, you can find the need in this world.

  1. Find your market (if not, search what is a market in google)
  2. Find the need in the market(A problem or a missing component or else cost reduction.)
  3. Why you need to fill this need in this market. (inspiration and cause make you work harder on the need.)

This is quite easy if you love to tell the whole story in a perfect blog. But this is also a need. All you need to do is to create a blog with illustrations and examples with stories.

Wow, i am an amazing man, and growing is always constant.

Change is constant, so growing is constant too!!!!

Why you need Financial Freedom?

And here comes another why for my financial freedom journey, The moment i decide i came to the job for money. Not for passion or love, i do it only for me. I lose interest in learning in this job. And i just do what i can do.

You know people will always inspire us in daily life to do something, but some people will make us think why we are doing it, How we are doing it and what we are doing it. The amount of happiness will always proportional to the happiness of your mind at work, your passion, your love, your home, and your time.

Fear of living for a life with a salary that motivates you to do certain things, It always hurtful now, when i think about am i going to spend my next 25 or 30 years working in a job with expecting salary on the month-end and spending within the first 15 days. What a life it is?

Is it life or life is more than this thing? A job even in public or private sectors looks always like a job with certain expectations and other things life freedom to be creative. The creative genius in you will get died because of the repeated works you do on a daily basis.

Financial freedom looks like a stranger to people who look like the whole thing, the thing that people loved to do it. The wisest things that we can do is create a product for the market and other things.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?

Financial freedom is a whole lot of new stuff, that will bring us many possibilities and makes us a new form of a human being. But most of the people live in a different mindset, they think that they need to work harder and harder to make money, and in the end, they blame themselves.

I am in this situation, but books, blogs, videos on YouTube made me think it is different. The world that only 1% will be enjoying in this life. 

If you want to get into this 1%, you need to be in the `1%. Do you know that all you need is the passion for doing and starting with the most powerful WHY? All you need is consistency and patience until you make your way to 1%. It not impossible, it’s possible. But the prize for freedom is the sacrificing time, love, happiness, and await for Delayed Gratification.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you?

I am answering things questions on a daily basis in order to remind myself of financial freedom, each day i answer different situation and i write something new every day. This answer must be unique it from the daily life situation and remember why you started all this. 

One, True to yourself, if you hate something accept it and find an alternate way or eliminate it at all costs.

Two, Freedom is not about quitting the job, its about working for something we are passionate about or love to do it Fulltime Basis.

We find more in the next blogging episode. This is fun, blogging like mad or like pro or for something you didn’t express itself.

About the Day:

For the record of the day, we need to iterate what we are doing on this day for freedom. Most of my days after lockdown relaxation, we are working on something called office all the time. I am having time, but i am not finding enough.

All-time in an office packed with something else, do you know we need to improve our pages like Instagram, Facebook, and other things.

Full day office stretch and learning some blind truth to survive in this world is hectic. All i am learning is patience, the most important thing you can larn in the office i the patience and consistency.

Improving 1% in the job and completing those things looks crazy.

The mistake i am making i am not documenting enough on this day, fear of leaking information, i think it’s not efficient or unethical. If i record my day as a common man, those things will come and under a different area. How does this work out and how can you implement this without opening an another account.

why can’t we use another account than creating one.

Do the right thing for your heart, your life is important than anything else in this world.

iPad Pro is coming to me!!!!!!

I am financially free, but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart, and infinite spirit mind.



My Goal for 2020 is this and i will get it

39 Day of Financial Freedom

Forty Day of Financial Freedom

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