Fifty Three Day of Financial Freedom – Accio iPad Pro 12.9

Fifty Three Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

The mind learns from repetition, mind eavesdrop your self-talk. It works the way you want to, accepts whatever you command it. The only thing that changes the whole life is an attitude, its true, and most of them proved this. How does this will work in a certain way and how to harness this power, achieve whatever we want?

Here are the three practical steps:

  1. Read Following books
    1. Attitude is Everything
    1. The Power of Subconscious mind
    1. Think and Grow Rich
    1. Financial Freedom
  2. Start Earl Nightingale 30 day test for writing novel or children book
  3. Develop a habit of writing with the above test.
  4. Improvise and Keep a Goal card with you(automate the mobile and browser)

Finalise the attitude problem, create a new attitude with the above steps. Its very easier to implement those four steps.

  1. Read 1 minute a day
  2. Write 5 minutes a day
  3. visualize 1 minute a day

Achieve your goals with atomic habits and combination of goal card, listen to Earl twice a day. One after waking and before going to bed.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

Repetition is the first way to learn, the mind learns from repeating. It does all things you say to himself.

What do you want from your mind?

I want financial independence in 5 years and an iPad Pro 2020 within 31st Dec 2020.

It’s clearly and a goal with measurable one.

The life is Appu. Appu is a middle class boy who works in an IT company. He is working in the company nearly 2 years. But appu wants to be a Fulltime Photographer who shoot wild animals and other beautiful moments to capture in the world.

Having the roots from the middle-class family, Appu desperately needs the job and the monthly salary it pays him. But Appu is honest and works hard to develop his home to a different level. He works harder to earn more money to buy a camera and start his first photography part-time career.

The main goal of Appu is to win the circumstances and grow from them. He fears nothing and all he cares about is family and passion. Will he achieve the goal?

What Financial Freedom means to you?

Financial freedom isn’t not about the money, it always about the freedom. Reading the book financial freedom gives me the scent of hope with action towards them. But I failed at all of them. I know I can do works that needs in order to achieve FF. FF shortest form for financial freedom.

FF is nothing but a addiction for most of the people, some of them addicted to work while other are addicted to living the life doing nothing. This is a certain kind of people who can do many things in order to achieve the doing nothing stage.

Life starts at the end of the comfort zone, but for us, life starts at the beginning of financial freedom.

Things may look alike but he purpose and action may be different. A business can skyrocket the income but a salary never skyrocket them.

About the Day: 11.06.2020

 Full day office and I actually felt stuck these days. All I want to do is to chat with my colleagues and enjoy the moment. The most important attitude towards the job is changed. the attitude define the day and my attitude towards m office is get this work done and finish it before any queries.

Get it signed – my new attitude. Get it signed, do what I takes to get it.

And towards my examination and my personal works is 10X implementation. How to scale to 10X? This is my next Quest, before that I need to find the X, and then we can change it to 10X.

I am financially free; but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



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