Fifty-Five Day of Financial Freedom – Accio iPad Pro 12.9

Fifty-Five Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

My freedom date is 29 November 2025, on this day I will be financially independent. I work for myself and work for a thing I love. Wow! I am a best seller now. Now I won myself from being a normal man. Now my love for the new thing is going higher and higher in this world.

Freedom is like a new drug and this lockdown will provide a lot of opportunities in starting a side hustle and making it expand to a different Arial net. Then the whole life will be lived on a different level.

Winning is for winners. Attitude matter, the other is just a boost to the actions taking from one area to another area. With this power, we can rule the world, our minds, and our circumstances.

Live the way life is needed to be done.

Why you need Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom is defined as the person who doesn’t work in a job he doesn’t like and he is not afraid of losing it or quitting it. But at one point he loses his temper and quit a job the job. Then later he comes home and checks his bank account, assets statement, properties, and business profits. He became financially independent with a sum of 5 crores.

He became financially independent in 5 years and most of his income is automated like passive income more and steady income in a less proportion. These automated income works without my presence do you know, I became financially independent in this world.

This is like life of Joe with India style of living in this world. My house is big with a large area with trees and area for planting my vegies and crotons. And when I feel exhausted at home, I just sit in front of my garden. My lovely companion understands me and loves me the same way I love.

What Financial Freedom means to you?

 Not working for others, working for ourselves in this world.  Enjoying the whole life and making money from books and business which doesn’t need my presence. Do you know I am currently riding in my bike completing half of Tamil Nadu.

Soon be going to other states, with my favorite bike. Writing my novels make me feel elated and enthusiastic. And these novels are read by millions and millions of people and I started a Webtoons comics for fun. It turned out to be the same thing at this moment.

When Earl Nightingale said all you need is the purpose and faith, now I am a different kind of people who have peace. Peace with money is more worth than peace without money. Most people understand these laws in a differently, as you sow, so as you reap.

Fearing this thing, important people change the whole life.

About the Day (Self-reflect): 13.06.2020

Full day fun day. Spraying the disinfectant in the office is a good but for us this is fun. I spent a whole day chatting and creating my stock trading account.

 I came at night and wondering about the different people in these life cycles.

And it is the most memorable days for friendship beyond offices.

I am financially free; but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



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