Fifty Day of Financial Freedom – Accio iPad Pro 12.9

Fifty Day of Financial Freedom

Accio Financial Freedom.

 You are addicted to the iPad Pro 2020. It is material addiction and it has no inspiration in this life style. But I told myself I am worthy to use every item in this world. I am enough, Money is my friend and I love money. It is good to have million dollars in this world. You solve many problems of the society or in your family, and other mindless problems.

How could a life live without depending on a pay check or a job? But for smooth life you need both the pay check and multiple income streams, how could this be done while working in the job?

                    But this lockdown must show us that things will be getting hard on one thing to another thing in this lifestyle? being in this strange town, we need to verify that how could this thing will be won in this whole lockdown.

I am getting a signal from my brain to write my Mayiladuthurai Bucket list.

                         BUCKET LIST

  1. Eat in London Grill shake
  2. Dine in Nawaz’s Morattu single
  3. Thatti Mess
  4. Selfie or Shoot the way to Mayiladuthurai
  5. Go to Pombuhar beach through mayiladuthurai road
  6. Visit AVC College and check on DCE
  7. Sketch a place which attracts you the most
  8. Night van eating
  9. and others will come along

Why you need Financial Freedom?

 How financial freedom plays a major role in the life of Joe? Joe is a hardworking person who always thought of quitting his job which becomes so lame. The repeated work without any boost of creativity will made him feel dumb, but Joe didn’t want to stay in this job. He has plan for being a digital artist and love to continue this after retiring this job.

When Joe wants to find meaning on his life, he Google “” and read each every answer on the internet. And he found what he is looking for!! He finds a new concept called FIRE means Financial Independence and Retiring Early.

FIRE is new to Joe but this is the thing he is looking for for 5 years. When Joe finds the concept he started researching on this topic.

He finds more books, blogs and videos of people who have FIRE. Most people achieve it in mostly around the age of 40 or less than 40.  Joe looks shocked at seeing those people who quit their high paying jobs and started doing what they loved.

Joe started with a goal and the ultimate goal is freedom. How can he get financial freedom from the world and do what he loves? He taught himself the ideals of financial freedom and changes themselves into another scenario’s.

Finally after 5 years, Joe was free. What Joe does daily is really impressing.

Joe wakes early (Surprising, even after retiring)

Exercise/Walking for an hour

Get refresh and cooks something

Draws and scribble for the next two hours

Takes a healthy Lunch

Walks in the evening near the beach one and others like doing something else.

Plays with his kids

Ride in bicycles.

Helps his partner in cooking dinner

Loving the whole damn thing

What Financial Freedom means to you?

          To me, it is the ultimate way to live the life with more peace than anything else. When the whole world would end, are you interested in working for the financial freedom? Hell! yeah!

Financial Freedom doesn’t mean not getting rich, more than money. This is called freedom. Freedom to do what I want to do. When my mind says can we get a bike ride to the Odiyur Lake place or to the beach house.

Moving from one area to another for a small walk and the wlak looks majestic with a beautiful wife. This makes other jealous but inside you get jealous because of the other seeing you happy or with your wife.

And the happiest thing is playing with her, whether its basketball, carom, chess or even fighting Kung Fu class.

This may looks funnier but the truth is this is life and everyone wants this type of life.

Like Bill Gates, has the room for bungee jumping, I love to keep a room for basketball, squash, bungee jumping, Kung Fu and other rooms for entertainment.

This will be the separate attractive thing in a home.


About the Day: 08.06.2020

 Wow! My progress looks good, I am completing all my pending blog days.  I still have two more days I comleting them and I will complete one today. So another will be completed tomorrow.

The Good thing about this day is I don’t have any office duty. But I am having this work of treasury, the treasury always the treasury which controls little part of every Billseat Junior Assistant and Assistant. And this is interesting to go to treasury and meeting our fellow friends who joined in our same batch.

Meeting them after a long Lockdown and everything else is refreshing them.

The most people are good and influence our life in a different perspective.

How does the one thing today changed everything eles? One decision will change the whole life. if I change the whole life to one areas them there will be a different changes in those places.

After completing those things, there always report which circles around me and this time my colleague completed them. I am so grateful for him for doing this work. Then later treasury turned out terrific, my ECS file didn’t work, left me do it again. So much to learn in the government office.

For learning tips, please contact by mail.

May be

After this my usual work, my blog works starts and I really feel irriatate for dong repeated charging to my laptop and this comes to a conclusion that my Laptop is getting older and I need to work for my another material thing which is iPad Pro to change the way of working on my website.

I had this idea of writing books and love them. But now I have to write than draw a book. This is more interesting.

I started one book and stopped. we need a frame to start a book.





This will make it easier. The goal is simple iPad Pro 2020 128GB 12.9 inches 4th Generation and Apple pencil with case cover all come to the sum of 1.25 Lakhs.

By Dec 31st, I will have an iPad Pro 2020 by writing books and drawing books.

I am financially free; but I am retired at 30 with 5 Crores.

Am I self-worthy? Yes.

We are Glad to have a breathing Lungs, Pumping Heart and infinite spirit mind.



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