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Does UNIBALL Pens is a Good choice for Doodling A 30-day challenge Review?

If you are gonna practice art, Practice like a senior artist. why I say this because lot of us want to practice like the artist we inspired, But we limit by something by example money, mindset and most of all circumstances.

Let’s talk about money. Because if we have this thing more, we have this thing more, we can do whatever we want. it’s like that. Money can buy something, that something called time or Freedom.

Freedom to do what you like they gave me. s

Here is the thing, I was a pretty Starting beginner artist, i love to doodle and so i took the class by Mamta Singh and it was quite good. I learned so many things  But the point is that there is some motivation in attending these classes. For an aspiring artist, it’s the 

Stick pen and another marker pen to practice.

When I practiced all those things, i started doing this daily and it was the time, i started practice doodle and posting them online on Instagram and Facebook. The mistake i did 

I didn’t buy a Proper Sketchbook, which results in mismanaged or the ink was spreads rapidly and makes paper wet. And to other pages.

What the fuck. But when i took the pen to practice, which i get from the workshop it also starts making my Doodle weirdly.

I found that SketchBook is the problem. So when you want to do a sketch, Buy a sketchbook. Not a higher or Branded one something which is cheap or can manage the ink flow. And different types of pens.

The Blunder mistake i did i bought UniBall eye Blue and Black pens. Because they are the ones available at the Local Shop. A simple budget, But there the fail starts.

 The pen was not sharper ends, it has only blunt ends which are ideal for Bordering not drawing.

And when coloring, the ordinary Paper makes the Sketch or Doodle awful. These are the problems i want you to buy some of the good sketchbooks.

I found thee online and i bought them personally recommending it to you but they are good offers at this price and they might do the stuff they have done them.

Things i Bought online for my Sketching and Doodling:


SketchBook (Small)

Brush pens (For Coloring only

Simple techniques:

  • Use Gel pens or the ballpoint pens
  • Stick pens for Sharp-edged Drawing
  • Use A4 or A5 papers for Drawing they give dome exceptions to paper

Don’t Buy a Local store they will spoil your artworks. Trust me Here is the proof.

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