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Does the Tiny Habits method help in creating New Habits?

Does the Tiny Habits method help in creating New Habits?

Absolutely it works, first I need to thank the author the Book, Tiny Habits – James Clear for his idea of creating a habit.

will these habits can change the whole life.

Let me share my story of reading,

I was reading this book called SIDE HUSTLE by Chris Guillebeau. I was good at reading books.

Mostly I started using my mobile to text my friends and others. after a month, I kept reading this I haven’t gone beyond 100 pages. I was shocked at myself felt like a loser, I advise how to read and what to read. (I can read a novel in 3 hours. Mobile took them from me)

And my Quora answers will have book suggestions, How to read and what to read, why to read books and all those kinds of stuff.

If I read more books, I can give my people a good quality of content on books and other good methods of reading.

I felt lost.

That time I found a book called Tiny Habits by James Clear which was in tamil in Amazon. I read the book in English and found how to improve my reading habits.

I am impressed and I wanted to apply it to my reading.

How it Worked for me:

Day 1 after Tiny Habits on Reading,

I took my book, the very second I wake to form my bed. I didn’t search for mobile and start reading for 1min

Day 2 After Tiny Habits on Reading,

Took the book and read for 2mins.

Day 5 After Tiny habits on Reading

Took the book and read for 5mins and it extended up to 20mins. I can’t stop that I am swiping those pages faster and it was good.

keep a bookmark.

My Bookmark

Day 25 After Tiny Habits on Reading

I Finished “Side Hustle” and started reading “The Financial Expert” by R.K.Narayanan.

the Good thing after reading was writing my thoughts in a Journal.

If you want to start a Habit, start small and expand it to higher levels.

For more on Tiny Habits, read the Book here on Amazon/Kindle/Audibles.

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