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Documenting in the Digital Era – Gary Vee free advice

Day #1 of Documenting in the Digital Era

Hello, this is the weird guy again. Do you like to be popular on Instagram or other social media?

There are two things we can do. One, we can entertain ourselves and two, we can choose it to entertain others.

Most of us will be in the second category and some of them are operating in the first category.

If you are like the masses, want to move the creator side. I found this tip in YouTube. This moved me that there is nothing more things to be popular in any social media.

Gary Vee the serial entrepreneur who said that creating content is not easy but documenting is easy.

I started this ideas and documenting myself in the whole thing. What can we do to improve our followers?

  1. Go to Instagram
  2. Select City and Places
  3. Go to Recent
  4. Comment on random people, but find their needs
  5. Don’t do this on an individual or more like avoiding opposite gender to avoid problems
  6. They can turn into the funnel and they won’t make a sale
  7. They make a way to increase a sale.
  8. Patience is the art of success.

I am taking the test and we see the result. can we see it after 30 days? Stay tuned.

We will come back to you.

Wait, My Professional Instagram :

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