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Do you like to color? Do you spend time with others coloring?

Do you like to color? Want to you spend time with others coloring?

Do you like to color? Do you spend time with others coloring?

What is Mandala:

If you are purchasing this book, I’m guessing you have heard of Mandala before. Mandala being the coloring of some complicated shapes that improve concentration and bring the calmness that only a complex but doable task can bring to the brain. Mandala Colouring is the coloring of abstract shapes in any colors you like to finally create a very beautiful output

Why this book:

This is a tear-out book. This is ideally suited if you have more than one person coloring on the book and you want them to take away the sheet for their home. It may be used:
1) In a coffee shop! let your customers color and take away the sheet to frame or use however they see fit in their homes
2) Yet in a group of children coming to play in your house: If many children share the same book, then you could give away the sheets after a child has painted it.
3) For you: If you intend to preserve some of your colorings that have come out really well, nothing like tear-out sheets which can then be taken out and framed or kept elsewhere (portfolio/scrapbook)


A special word on the quality of these books. The Mandala books I’ve seen before at around Rs.75 and under in cost are mainly not intended for preservation. The quality of the pages is lower. Here the quality of the cover, as well as the pages, is good. It may therefore be a good gift also.

Why Mandala:

1) If you have some time on your hands, and are extremely stressed in life, try Mandala. You will find it almost therapeutic.
2) Do you want to take children’s pencil holding skills to next level, try Mandala. They will develop a child’s handwriting. This is because the shapes may be intricate and holding the color within borders is not easy.
3) To teach a younger person the concept of colors and contrast, try Mandala. It’s a good, basic form of art also.


Excellent coloring book for adults. Totally value for money. The pages are very good quality and can be used for a variety of coloring media (such as color markers, acrylic paints, metallic/glitter colors) without the colors bleeding to the next page. The best part is that the pages are tear-away sheets and gifted to someone.

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