Do you know Amazon provide s the exclusive products for Strickly for Women?

bangles – wooden – channaapatna – GI tag.

So are you having ideas about how to impress your girlfriend and others like friends or cousins?

S perfect gift fro your sister and cousin, or your colleague whom you have a little crush.

Their bday might be soon or even in a list of things, you few months.

I list the products have I personally saw it in amazon and read about their pros and cons and I leaving the value.

Does any girl hate organic or wooden products here they buy it for their collection also?

Here it is Finally, Bangles which are wooden and the specialty about these are this they are channapatra bangles. They are a specific identification. they are given a Geographical index.

·   If you are giving this to your loved one they say its just wooden Bangles.

·   You say to them, these are not just bangles they are channaPatra Bangles which are in specific regions of this area. and they have a Geographical Identification tag that is given to certain bangle and so it is unique.

·   Add this, if your loved one are a  fashing freak and who sets trends give It to them.

·   so it adds beauty to the Bangles.

·   Handmade Coconut Ear studs

Have you ever seen an eco friends girl?

why can’t you make your family members follow the eco-friendly way of jewelry or using wooden jewelry for a change,

The one who is a trendsetter can be remembered.

These look like a strange thing. But they are Ear studs which are made from the Coconut shells.

They are made from coconut shells which are organic mostly they add value to your life.

You wear this type of ad people you get to know. I found it online. so the Good thing.

 In your workplace, office, college or school, you are remembered and you are a good trendsetter.

Hair Styler – Coconut

Another amazing product made from coconut is the Hair Styler.

When you are tired f wearing tradition plastic/gold r sometimes even from free hair.

 you might need a change in making your hair styling. so I found this amazing product on Amazon. – Hairstyler.

No one will say this to you and no one will search for these products. Have you ever felt rejected or out of fashion?

Be a trendsetter and fashionable we update your and take a look down on other products.


However, we covered hair, ear, and hands with bangles.

We don’t want you to leave the talk. without your week which longs to wear something organic or wooden.

We found this product for your friend, our sweet friends.

A lot of your friends can wear gold or organic plated or even silver, But when you wear fashionable and you take your gold chain and wear it.

Do you find that matches your fashion in most of the cases the jewels will dd or somewhat under impressions?

we put the pendant )Wooden. made from the mahogany tree. specifically for women.

Wear this when you go to a party, and for your perfectly matching fashion gears.

This might be stupid to wear a wooden pendant But you might get a lot of attention and people. will work this pendant looks nice and they re even so low cost.

you tell the story. People love stories.


We have done for Everything. But you were one hand bangles and the other still has a watch. Does this make odd that one hand is geared with beautiful channapatra bangle.

The other hand might complain why you leave me alone.

Have you noticed this, when your friend wears a bangles in one hand and a Plain watch in the other hand, does it gives a odd look.

Definitely Yes.

Let me tell you a fact. If you wear only a watch in your hand and nothing in your other hand your hand havdfeels little different it doesn’t pose any attraction to others.

When you see someone wearing on two hands, it looks pretty but even when they wear a bracelet.

Oh you got my point. See this is the product that I recommend to you the Handmade Leather Bracelet.

Handmade – easily made without other things else or more things might keep on coming and going and handmade stands out in the whole row.

Leather provides durability and always gives the chilling effect on our hands.

Bracelet for Hands.

We provide additional product as a free gift. This product is famous in Chinese ancient and more some North Indians wear it often.

They are Hair stick pins, made of wooden with beautiful finish.

They are made Rhinestone Flow Wood. It might be a both fashionable and a killer weapon in the time of emergency. This takes no time to wear. You can keep it handy in your bag and tuck it. And it look pretty when it’s on someone.

This is funny thing like Vadivelu wears in a movie Pokkirri. There’s one colleague in my office who wears this when her hair becomes uncontrollable and other things might happened all those times.

BUY all the FANCY items and Put them into the Jewellery box . Present it to your girlfriend. she will be thrilled by seeing your gift.

And here’s the Jewellery box Handmade One.

Jewellery Box – Handmade

Why you love Jeweller and other things in this world, the world was a good thing that moght happened in the whole thing the good thing was stupid and crazy enough.

Everyne Love keeping jewellery.

Even my sisters are saving aa pouch or pastic box. I suggest them to buy a producsts like this. At first they hesitated and  later I forced them to buy it. Then allset. Only one sister is using it tells it good eep things in a

·   No Jewel was missed

·   Jewel will kept at Perfect location which made them to maintain perfect.

·   For festival, they take it easily from the Box aand use and replace.

·   I gifted it to my ex girlfriend(just Kidding)

All things new are possible, the result is up to you – it depends on just how much you want it

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