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11 Questions to ask YOURSELF before buying anything??

11 Questions to ask YOURSELF before buying anything??

This is the only blog you need when you wanted to buy something for yourself like a luxury product (a car, a Smart TV). If you are someone who is trying to save money for a long time but can’t do it.

All this is because we never questioned ourselves whether we need to buy the desired product or not.

But the truth most of doesnt want to buy it for ourselves, to show off to others. This is the most dumbest thing that people do.

They want to show themselves that they are of high. But truth they are digging their own grave of debt.

Here are the 11 Questions to ask yourself before buying anything which helps you to buy the important thing you want.

Helps you to save money 10 times or even more.

Questions 1

How happy will this purchase makes me?

Questions 2

How much money do I have to make to afford this?

Question 3

How many hours of my life am i trading to afford this?

Question 4

Can i afford it?

Question 5

How do prices compare in terms of dollars and Percentages?

Question 6

Can i get it for free, less or Trade for it?

Question 7

How much am i spending for convenience?

Question 8

How much would this cost me each year or for the rest of my life?

Question 9

What is per-use cost of this item?

Question 10

How much will this money be worth in the future?

Question 11

How much time (freedom) is this buying me in the future?

BONUS Question:

i would like to add them..

Q1, How this thing improve life and increase productivity?

Q2, How buying this helps me emotionally Calm and breathable?

Q3, How does your surroundings response to the purchase and How to tackle them?

Q4, What are the sources for buying this thing?

I think these are in my mind, they are simple things. But their answer may help you to save money or helps to think before making this purchase

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