10 children books to learn English easily for beginners

hai there, Most of the people feel that learning English is hard. But learning any language is easy if you learn it well. You need to understand the basics, spelling nd how to use them in a correct way.

And we will help you to understand the way how the english can be learned. Reading books is another ways to increase your vocabulary and find the difficulty in the area of learning. You must read those books orally and loudly, we get struck somewhere. we might stop for understanding meaning, phrase or sentence.

All we need to to is to go with the flow and use dictionary to make it stick to our brain.

What if we are shy of talking to others?

Its a important Question to answer, How can we answer or overcome this shyness.

Get yourself into a closed room or house. (If you are alone, its better for beginners)

Talk to all the objects in your house or room, Loudly. You need to hear what you are pronunciation and spelling with certain grammars.

for Example: hai, Todd the desktable. you are nice, beautiful and help me writing my notes. While i use my laptop you help me with overcoming my mind balance stuff. Sometime i feel worry about you, when i see you dusty .

Do it for a Week.

In the Next week, you need to talk to yourself. Like using a selfie cam or infront of a mirror. If you talk like it, you will increase your confidence in both yourself and your slang.

Don’t fret about slang, first talk. then we can upgrade our impressions to the world.

Here i have 10 Children’s books which help you to learn English better

Ruskin Bond’s

Great Stories for children

Rohl Dalh’s

  1. Matilda
  2. Esio Trot
  3. James and Giant Peach

Enid Blyton

  1. Five on a treasure island
  2. Secret Seven

Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Charlie and Chocolate Factory


Christopher Robin

JK Rowling

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone

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