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10 Books by Indian Authors which are good for Learning English – For Beginner

Are you afraid to read English Books or Novels, are you afraid to speak English?

Sometimes you find a girl who reads a book on a train, you think you also wanted to but you have this face of reading English books

First, let me tell you don’t feel fear when you see an English book(Novels).

They are just Books you need some time and some beginner Books and basic training at reading this book. (some of your friend seeing this book)

Then you have fear, make them as a person. If your best friend says something which is important to your life you accept it or think about it.

Like this, you can’t get anything at first keep ann English to your language dictionary. You might have doubts clarify. for the first 10 pages, it was difficult after 10 pages. you form your own meaning to the difficult word in the book.

If you check your meaning with a dictionary it’s quite relevant. you have mastered the art of reading. There I provide the list you can follow.

For a Beginner with easy English understanding Books.

Steps for reading a book.

Watch a summary video on YouTube or read a summary about a book online

ask your friends what’s the summary and don’t tell the story.

  1. Chetan Bhagat
  2. Ravinder Singh
  3. Preeti Shenoy

When you complete this list and you want to read more books, drop me a comment.

If you find trouble reading this, please send us an email.

For more Reading tricks and acquiring reading habits. Stay tuned.

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